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...Ah... ahah... May went by quick, didn't it? Hey, I see you there tapping your foot, don't blame me on my May tardiness for journals! It wasn't my fault, it was... awww, fine. It was kinda my fault, I got caught up in other deeds, including writing, hang-outs and a few other perks of the pride. Anyways, it's about dang time I update this journal. Haisai, let's go, shall we?

//+- NEWS -+\\

The entirety of May was a bit of a rollercoaster. There was good, there was not so good, and then there was the just plain kooky. However, it came and went, and things have been good since then. Lots of plans and plots doneski...

...Also, you may notice my Yuna avatars changed on other sites and on here to her swimwear. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! It's summertime! ...Or... well, actually close to summertime. Considering how warm it's gotten in my countryside region of Ontario, I figured a slight change would do. But of course, it's not just summer, it's also June! Now, this is gonna be a good month for a few reasons! For starters, summertime. Summer's my favorite season of all for quite obvious reasons, and with it only a good two weeks away... ooooooooh! Second? #E3. From June 9th to June 12th, the big gaming conference E3 is going to go into high gear. Now, my eyes this year reach to Nintendo and Sony, moreso Nintendo, due to the rumors of a figure-based system coming to the WiiU console. The titles I'm looking forward to getting some good news out of are as follows:

- "Pokemon OmegaRuby / AlphaSapphire"
- "Final Fantasy XV"
- "Disney Infinity 2.0: MARVEL Super Heroes"
- This untitled and unrevealed 3DS title Nintendo's devoting 90 minutes to next Tuesday...


- "Super Smash Bros. for WiiU / 3DS"!

The last one in particular is my most hyped game this year: as Nintendo has confirmed it will definitely be dropping this year, WiiU version for the fall/winter, and 3DS one for... get this, THIS summer. However, I expect E3 will reveal the exact date of when we can expect the new brawler as well as details of all these other titles I mentioned. This'll also help my plan... me in a Mario costume, Sakurai hands, and copy of the 3DS and WiiU games on the day of their separate but initial release... Hahahahaaaa. In the same lane as Smash though, there will be two things to look out for. The first is the "Super Smash Bros." invitational tournament that will be streamed during the E3 event. The second will be the Smash-Fest event that will be sweeping Best Buy stores around the nation on June 11th and June 14th (a day AFTER Nintendo's digital event... fishy, huh). The coming launch date of the two games will be coincided from me by a Sakurai-thon. A whadda-thon? Sakurai-thon. This being a marathon through five games that Masahiro Sakurai directed and developed: three of the Smash games, "Kirby Air Ride" and "Kid Icarus: Uprising". But more on that after the conference via my Twitter, if you're following.

In addition to this, this month also marks prom. But wait, Dylan: you're graduated, whaddaya mean prom? Well, my girlfriend's final year is this year, and as expected, Anime-jazumin just so happened to ask me to prom. Which should be a fun night of dance and... well, a hope for a good time! I would expect a bit of pictures up on my Instagram of the night soon too. But I find this prom only adds to what is going to be a good summer AND that much more to me and my GF's relationship. Love ya, Jasmine. SO much! <3

Off the subject of nice and comfy warm weather, how 'bout giant monsters? In May, I marathoned five kaiju films in a #Kaijuthon to get to the last in the line, the new 2014 "Godzilla", those five films being: "Gamera", "Godzilla VS. Mothra", "Godzilla: Final Wars", "Pacific Rim" and the coup de grace, the 1950s classic "Godzilla". Now, as for the new one, which I saw on the 17th of May, it's a GREAT film, Gareth Edwards proves he revived the legendary kaiju with a stellar visual style and take on the King of the Monsters. The only gripes I had were two: one was that it tended to drag a teensy bit and the other is that the aforenamed kaiju doesn't really appear too much in the film. However, this is voided due to the fact that every time that the big bad Godzilla appeared, it was done cleverly and concisely. So, I'd give it a look if you're a fan of the kaiju genre, as it paints a revival for Godzilla not yet seen... oh and it was way better than Roland Emmerich's 1998 mess.

Back to the slammer of Disney, if you follow me on Twitter, you'd realize during the last 11 days of May, I was promoting #Malefimania, a look into Maleficent and her appearances in Disney lore and shows leading up to the release of Disney's new darkly centerpiece, "Maleficent". It was a good success, and with the celebration came the building of some costumes from me and Anime-jazumin. You can actually see a few pictures up on my Instagram if you haven't yet! Now... I bet you're wondering what I think of the new film "Maleficent", since it's gotten such a split divide of love and hate... I actually love the film AS ITS OWN SCHTICK. Realize that "Maleficent" is spun away from the "Sleeping Beauty" story and you'll probably enjoy it better that way. Angelina Jolie really does AWESOME as this new iteration of Maleficent, and the acting and visuals of the movie are a stellar part of the fun, in addition to James Newton Howard's score. Now, the only flaw I see with the film is two things: one, the film is not meant for everyone, as the changes in the traditional fairy tale can be a little upsetting to people, and two, the plot is a touch predictable. But as Robert Stromberg's debut film, he creates a new version of the story that while not perfect, makes for some great entertainment. Well, well...

In addition to the "Maleficent" overview, we also got a bit of good news last month. To fans of the "Disney Infinity" game line will be happy to know that a second game is INDEED coming, in the form of "Disney Infinity 2.0: MARVEL Super Heroes". With the new game comes a SLEW of new characters from the MARVEL comics, like Captain America, Rocket Raccoon, Iron Man, Nick Fury, the list goes on. In addition though, Disney characters, like Merida, Maleficent (modeled after the new film) and Stitch (EEEEE!! #626Pride alert!!) are also to be in the game coming. In total, there's supposed to be over 20 characters coming at launch. The game's not set to drop until September, but until then, we have E3 coming to reveal more on the figures and basic game. Soon enough!

Now, onto two final Disney tidbits... in the last month, we have TWO teasers for two films to talk about. The first one is the ever-anticipated "Big Hero 6", the first Disney film to be based off MARVEL lore and set to be directed by the directors of Disney's 2011 "Winnie the Pooh" and 2008's "Bolt". The teaser, a short affair featuring main character and youngster Hiro Hamada and his robot Baymax, is a comical yet fair sort that preps up the feel of the coming November film just right. I'm highly anticipating it as a film that is going to merge Disney culture with a touch of Japanese elements. Fun, right? Well, the second one is a surpriser though: a teaser for the new live-action "Cinderella" coming in March of next year. This film is on my lower end of the hype because of the director, Kenneth Branagh. For those who don't know who he is, he was the one who directed one of MARVEL's more weirder entries in the MARVEL CInematic Universe, "Thor". The first one, not... "Dark World". The teaser itself isn't much of a teaser, as it focuses justly on Cinderella's glass slipper from the film. You could call it more an announcement trailer at best, but... OOOOH LOOK! SHOOOOOOE. That pretty much sums up that one. I'm interested in "Cinderella" still, due to casting and other details, but I'm keeping cautious, Kenneth Branagh doesn't ensure the film's quality assured... anyways, laying off my rambling.

Now, as a final point to my new journal, I felt it kind to have a feature for my friends and buddies on deviantART. Mainly 'cuz a LOT of these people have stuck beside me through thick and thin in what I do, or where the world may take us. Think of this alike my old "OHANA" section of my old journal set-up, only... with one feature altogether:


...To all the people listed here. I may be getting to know you, I may have known you for a long time, or I may have just met you. But you guys are indeed all great people. Every one of you. Be it in your fronts of art, or in a kinship of writing, or... ANYTHING, really. Every one of you folk are unique, fun to talk to, talented in some manner of speaking and in my eyes, I'm honored to be a part of each and every one of your lives. Let it be known that you folk are an ohana. Be it separate or be it equal or be it a Hearts' or a separate, you all are fantastic folk. And I salute you all, friends. Keep being awesome.

ANYWAYS! After that big feature out of the way, I've got some even bigger news in the Art and Story department. Bring it on!

//+- ART / STORIES -+\\

So, following up last journal's announcement, this month is indeed the supposed tentative launch of my brand new story "Stitch Triverse". Chapter 1 of BOOK 1: UNION is underway, and while progress is slow, it indeed should be ready to come out on June 20th just as expected, one day before the 12th anniversary of "Lilo & Stitch". In addition, other OCs CAN be added into the lore of the Triverse, just note me with your OC, and I'll judge it accordingly... do realize though that I'll be judging on a MUCH higher scale than in January's OC acceptance. They may be accepted if you send 'em, they may not. Don't get hopes too high...

With all this happening, I do feel the need to talk about how the release schedule of this new story will work. After June 20th, "Stitch Triverse" should update with a new Chapter at a usual two week basis on Fridays right here on dA. So, in other words, every other Friday. This gives me enough time to focus on writing new parts to the coming BOOKS and still go about my daily business, as my usual writing days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in a week. As such, this means that you can expect a steady stream of BOOK 1: UNION well into next year unless something delays a part. Though, I'd be telling you if so via the @The626Triverse Twitter profile or through here on deviantART. Also, once a BOOK is over, I'll be taking a month and a half break to focus on outlining the second (and further third book) for later. Again, enough time to really make things worthwhile.

In addition, to re-enforce this 06.20.2014 launch, my @The626Triverse Twitter put this up: 

This tweet pretty much speaks for itself. By the way, reminder to folks if you haven't, the @The626Triverse Twitter is open for a follow, if you want to be updated on coming parts and on facts, activities and more on the story project!

With all this prep though, I however have had a bit of a brain blast of an idea. There's 50 Chapters total in the "Stitch Triverse" story, yes? I was thinking of an illustration project... now, it's just a question and in planning stages, but would people be interested to contribute to this if I were to put it into effect? It'd run alongside the release of every chapter, and anyone could feel free to send in whatever to the benefit, at least one per chapter... But, again, that's if there's enough interest; if not, I'll just focus steadily on the "Stitch Triverse" story. In addition to this, my offer to collaborate with other artists on a cover (or covers) of the "Stitch Triverse" BOOK arcs still stands. If anyone's interested? Holler my way and I'll get right back to you. Also, I have character references made from my vector work on the Triverse project if one so needs 'em. Just as a note!

On a final note, I'm pleased to say that "Stitch Triverse" will be the story to define any coming stories beyond, in a system called D Barenzu's Nexus. This "nexus" means that ANY story upcoming after "Stitch Triverse" and beyond that will have references from the previous to a point. This means you'll have relics like Good Deed Memories, plushies of characters, etcetra etcetra: however, this won't come into effect until after "Stitch Triverse" is finished. Think of this like legendary animator Osamu Tezuka's Star System... only not and with a different effect. The "nexus" will be affecting something though: remember my original story "AQUOS"? Well, to those readers who are awaiting more of that story, I will be pulling off a rewrite of "AQUOS" following "Stitch Triverse" (which means no, it's not cancelled, it's just gonna undergo a LOT more effort after Triverse is done), this being the start of my D Barenzu's Nexus reference/link idea. I also have been planning other future stories, like a mysterious island-based story inspired by the computer game "Myst", and a take on MARVEL's "Iron Man" character, though much different than one would expect. However, expect more on those ideas later on, as they're just ideas... for now, "Stitch Triverse" is my focus that'll influence other stories later. D Barenzu's Nexus, folks... D Barenzu's Nexus.

So, that's that. Also, I hope folks enjoyed the twin set of pictures I put up recently on deviantART: "ROCK OUT" and "BRING ON SUMMER". I'm happy people have been enjoying them as such, and on a last note, let's jump ahead to the "TUNE" section this week!

//+- TUNE -+\\

This week in the "TUNE" offering, it's time we look at some... Norwegian talent. 

Recently, the group known as Royksopp went on tour with pop singer and star Robyn. Now, Royksopp aren't unknown either. Their rise came from simple dreamy house beats and hits like their albums Junior and Senior, and a myriad of singles, like "Happy Up Here" and their most recent offering with singer Susanne Sundfor, "Running to the Sea". Robyn though, is also well known, with a twin set of hits for her songs: "Dancing On My Own""Call Your Girlfriend", and even a collab with Royksopp themselves, "None of Dem". Now what comes out of a combination like this? An EP called Do It Again, a collection of five songs between the Norwegian house men and the pop singer. Among these songs is our "TUNE" this week, the mystifying "Monument". The almost 10 minute opener to the EP is a somber yet stylish production, with Robyn's vocals completing the haunting experience. With a grand beat, a choir, the voice of gods and a saxophone near the end, "Monument" is befitting for royalty... Take a listen here, and see if you agree:


...And... that should about wrap things up. Lots of happenings as of late! So, hope everyone's doing good, and I'll chat at y'all next journal! Peace, and Ichariba Ohana!

Dil // TheDarkOfNight-D:iconhaisai-dbarenzu:



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IcetheWarriorMage Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Though I haven't been on as much I would have liked to (2- 3 year absence), I never forgot the amazing people I have met on this site. I thought of you guys almost every day since then.
I know that in spirit, I was with you all and I am honored to still he included in your Ohana. C:
Not that I thought you would abandon, of course... XD
I still consider you and others as my friends, for friends don't abandon friends!
Haisai-DBarenzu Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Yeah, you've been gone for a while, but I nary forget. Ohana means family and family means nobody's left behind or forgotten, right? And I'm really glad to hear same goes for ya! :)
IcetheWarriorMage Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yes, you are right, ohana. C:
I'm really glad to have a friend like you.
I'm glad to be friends with all of you.

So sad, though, what happened to Robin Williams. :c
Haisai-DBarenzu Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Good then! Great to have a buddy like you! :)

Yeah... I've gotten past it, but it's still like a nightmare without him in the world. He was a legend in more ways than one. T-T
IcetheWarriorMage Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Likewise. C:

Yes, indeed.
022288knarrow Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
Chapter 1 is really good D. You did a good job with this story. :D

Do you still have the character references?
Haisai-DBarenzu Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thank you very much! Even if... well, due to how busy summer's been, I've yet to start Chapter 2 (and as soon as I do, it should respark the whole 2-3 week deal, I appreciate every bit! Expect more in the future! :)

Also... references? You talkin' about the wardrobe sheets I was talking about on Twitter the other day? :o
022288knarrow Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
Looking forward to Chapter 2. ^_^

As for references, you said on the journal when you were talking about the Triverse.

"I have character references made from my vector work on the Triverse project if one so needs 'em. Just as a note!"
I thought it was like the Yuna references you gave me before when I wanted to draw Yuna.

Actually now that you mention the wardrobe sheets, have you decide whether your gonna do it or not?
Haisai-DBarenzu Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
OH RIIIIGHT! Yes, those are still around too, plop me a note for those. They're different from previous, but being newer references from my vectors, it works out there. :)

And I'm leaning more towards a yes there on the mains' wardrobe sheets. Keep your eyes peeled for that. :D 
022288knarrow Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
Okay I just sent you a note. :)

That's great. I will keep my eyes peel on the announcement either here on dA or twitter. ^_^
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