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This is my gallery, right here. Here, you'll find several pics, be it posters or cross pictures and bold stories based off of several big Disney names! I'll always be busy at more, so take a look if ya wanna! Enjoy what you see... and/or read!

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Random Favourites

These are my faves right here; an assortment of either comedic, powerful or even just plain fun pictures or stories made by my friends or made by grand artists! Enjoy them if you wanna as well!

Hugs! Just as a thanks for stopping by...



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Quick update!……

...GUYS?! Stitch folk!? There's a new "Stitch! ~Zutto Saiko no Tomodachi~" special coming this summer to Disney Channel Japan, just announced on Stitch Day (6/26). The special is called "Stitch! Perfect Memory" and while it is a Zutto special (hype's lowered due to that, Planet of Sand I was so-so with for the most part), I am gonna look into it when it drops later in the year, as there is no air date in Japan yet, nor will there be one dubbed for a while. Note the promotional artwork too, it looks WAY more Disney than usual. Did Shin-Ei like... jump ship? 'Cuz if so, maybe we'll get Disney Japan at the helm? Maybe the animation'll be fluid as heck? Or... maybe Shin-Ei Animation's still there... Guess we'll see.

Anyways, just wanted to get that out there to folks! Been busy with some new artwork and Triverse materials, more specifically the BOOK 1 cover w/ my collaborators, so... that's been life along with summer awesome. Hope your summer's off to a solid start, BTW!

Also, I released a recent D Barenzu Drive-In Discussion on TWO films recently- "Inside Out" and "Jurassic World". As always, link will be below if you're interested in my opinions for either film. And thanks if you're reading!…

P.S: Nothing from Perfect Memory will affect the canon of "Stitch Triverse", since Zutto is deemed not canon in said story lore and the canon in Triverse is all new from a mid-point of "Stitch!". However, if something well worth it does pop up, I will consider throwing it into the lore of Triverse. Planet of Sand didn't have much to add anyways (save for those aliens with the trunks, but even still, they were a fairly generic alien species, not enough to be added into Triverse lore), so I'm hopeful Perfect Memory might differ in that angle for material. We shall see though!
Plush Commission 004: Yuna by Kairiaka

Another minor update time! So, friend of mine Kairiaka finally uploaded this little peek into something cool developed over the last while.

Now, if you recall a while back in 2014, I commissioned someone for a plush of my Disney double, karateka tomboy and fave among fave characters, Yuna Kamihara. This is because Disney hasn't made as much merch featuring the character. I know- sad, yes? Knowing this, the person whom I commissioned, was indeed, Kairiaka and the above thumbnail is the result that actually is in my plush collection, arriving a WDW Stitch plush and a nice box at that. She did an bang up job and I'd gladly recommend her for plush commissions if you're looking, especially given her prices!

Anyways, check out the progress and finished one-of-a-kind plush of Yuna above, as it was quite the year-long journey to reach me! #KamiharaPride. Haisai! :D
I am SO sorry I haven't updated in a while, but here's something minor for my followers here: I went and saw "Avengers: Age of Ultron" last night and as such, have a D Barenzu Drive-In Discussion on it on Twitter/Twitlonger. #5 of this line based on the film can be read below. Otherwise, life and artsy things have been happening, so keep your eyes peeled!…
STCH - Yoko, Jenna + Dolores (Redesign) by Haisai-DBarenzu
STCH - Yoko, Jenna + Dolores (Redesign)
Aloha guys, been a while, hasn't it? Dil or "D Barenzu" here with a batch of design work I was working at for "Stitch Triverse" whilst toiling on the cover of BOOK 1 with my collaborators.

Last time I did one of these, it was for the character Jessica, redesigning her to fit in with the islander cast of Izayoi. In that same vein, I had an OC event that hit home back in January of 2014 that brought in a few newbies too alongside some others. So, in honor of this, I wanted to not only showcase two of those OCs, made possible by STITCH62633 and CatDasher (to which, thanks EVER so much for allowing this), but also throw in another character I salvaged from the remains of... *sighs* Zutto.

Let's start with the first one, Yoko. Yoko is a character whom was created in tandem with Experiment 492, Milston, for an old "Stitch!" story of mine that unfortunately fell. However, Yoko and Milston didn't get scrapped, as they are now in Triverse as new friends to Yuna and Stitch on the island of Izayoi. Milston can be seen below on an older design still kept around:

STCHTTHK - YOKO + MILSTON by Haisai-DBarenzu

However, onto character specifics. As such, Yoko is younger than most of Yuna and Stitch's friends by a year at the age of 9 (and compared to the other two here), but retains her backstory of moving to Izayoi Island with her friend Milston after her one and only parent and father found life anew in the idea of the island from the city of Hong Kong. She has history with Yuna of sorts, after the tomboy and her saved Hong Kong from befalling a "Experiment"-al problem some time ago. Yoko's a cute yet bombastic girl, whom looks a lot into the unknown with a confident heart and in coming to the island, flaunts her cute ideals with her Experiment partner Milston at her side, whom is quite the hothead with the power to burst parts of himself into flames, either flinging himself at foes or even causing sheer mayhem. Of course, given people like Penny and Jessica... that may prove tricky for the both. Yoko, as stated, was created by yours truly and STITCH62633 for a previous story.

Next, we have Jenna, a character crafted as a Stitch OC by fellow user and friend of mine CatDasher, brought into the world of Triverse as a new buddy to Yuna and Stitch. Specifically, Jenna is the same age as Yuna and other friends/accomplices of hers are, 10. In CatDasher's original idea of the character, she was with a family that moved in from America to get a fresh new start in life (seen below is her design), meeting with another OC...

Stitch OC Jenna Lynnman by CatDasher 

However, for Triverse, Jenna is switched up as coming from Osaka for the same reasons, a fresh start after life hadn't been so kind with her folks. Jenna, due to her afro (uniquely exclusive to her in her family tree), was planned with as being reliant yet collected, although she had a particular quirk about her... her abundant use of 70s lingo possibly lied to her hairdo in the story. Perhaps it's the way she dresses or perhaps it's the gigantic afro-like hairdo, but for some reason, she's out of era in personality. Besides this, she's a unique click in Yuna's group of friends. And while her habit of speaking in old lingo seems awkward, the islanders still welcome her in as an "old-school" addition. Jenna, as stated, was created by that of CatDasher and was brought into the Triverse via the OC event past in early 2014 that brought in several characters to Triverse doors.

And finally, here's a surprise. If you know... *sighs* Zutto, you know the character Dolores. As it turns out, I've also managed to rework and redesign her into Triverse too, as she'd been on Izayoi Island prior and a year younger than her other incarnation (meaning she's the same age as Yuna and friends, 10). A tricky sell, but keep with me here.

Dolores had moved to Izayoi Island from that of Okinawa's New Town a while back. However, she hid in the shadows of the beautiful island, often burying her face in a book before Yuna and company found her and decided to try and spark a friendship with the geeky girl. At first, she seemed a bit snobby and hesitant about it, often more concerned with facts and figures than the people in front of her. However, after a few choice meetings, Dolores took a turn and decided to change her ways to become friends, among others in Yuna's circle (i.e Sae, Taro, JJ, Jenna, Yoko), this happening before that of Triverse began. Dolores is a very intelligent girl, one whom knows some incredible facts due to her consistent studying and her own personal book (if you know kanji, that book says something quite peculiar... dare ya to try and translate it). Because of this, she comes off as a bit boring and "by the book", no pun intended. However, despite being rather dry for one her age, she's helpful and ambitious to those she knows and loves.

Dolores' redesign didn't change much from her... *sighs* Zutto one, her hair and body being retained as such. However, there is some unique changes made for her. Her face and glasses especially are one to note, as she's gained freckles in the jump and also managed to take on the unique anime trait of "nerd glasses", or the spiral-eyed sort of glasses seen in most Japanese animation. Including that, her outfit's changed to a forest green shirt with puffy shoulders, a light mahogany skirt and forest green crocs (a throwback to Zutto... or at least one of the only ones you'll be getting from me). The last thing is her personal book, modeled alike another Disney staple, the Junior Woodchuck's Guidebook from "DuckTales". Like I stated, the kanji on that book means something VERY endearing to her character and I challenge friends/followers to try and translate. Other than this, she retains a good majority of her outfits and personality quirks and joins into Yuna's group of friends from around the isle... or by this point in Triverse, has already joined despite us not seeing her yet.

Anyways, that's about it for these designs. Again, these are three characters from the "Stitch Triverse" lore, some introduced already in our grand story, one that... may just make her debut later. For now though, these designs should give you guys an idea on how they'll be presented in the lore. Hope you guys enjoy while me and my collaborators continue at the BOOK 1 cover and another thanks to CatDasher and STITCH62633 for their characters being used! Mahalo and I'll catch you on the wave later...



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Dylan "D Barenzu" Barnes
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation

Name's Dil! Or Dylan in full; known on the internet as "D Barenzu" and even by previous name "TheDarkOfNight" and other variations of the name. The names go on and on; but you'll find me by those two specifically.

I'm a Disney zealot: fan of many Disney works and a fellow culture-crazed Canadian whom takes pride in his work and his friends, girlfriend and family (a la ohana): that may include you reading! I also take my time into several endeavors, drawing, writing, mixing, and so forth: I try my best into what I do; so to speak. I'm also the hugest Stitch fan you probably may come across in Canada, sporting the avatar of Yuna Kamihara no matter where he goes. Ih, meega have no shame for that.

As for other places I'm found, well, check one of my journals for my basic places I'm found at, usually under the very names I have here, "D Barenzu" or again, previous name "TheDarkOfNight-D". For Skype or an e-mail, note me and I'll pass 'er your way! Takka for the understanding!

Feel free to browse my gallery if you wanna: read my stories or comment at my artwork: and moreso, talk at me if you wish to, I'll usually be around to holler back! <3

Oh, and I'm available for collaborations (in terms of art and writing) with people as well, friends! Anytime you want to collab, just ask and I'll see if want to get into the swing of things! It just depends on who and what it is!

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ALOHA! :D Long time, no talk.

Happy Angel Day! 
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Hey there, indeed it has been, Laramie! :)

Happy Angel Day to ya too! :D
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I've known you for years now, and I'm gradually coming out of artist's block (read: 1 year!).  As with the journal you recently wrote in, I have become incredibly obsessed with Giselle (another redhead like Merida), so there will be some stuff coming up for her too :-)
Haisai-DBarenzu Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
But of course, you're welcome! And please, call me D. :D

Yeah, funny how time flies, hmm? Good to hear you've been overcoming artist's block with the power of other Disney heroines, means only good things a'coming! :)
Artissimo-Art Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015   Digital Artist
This is good art and all, but whatever became of your "Aquos" concept?  It seemed like a cool idea and I think the message would have worked.
Haisai-DBarenzu Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
"AQUOS" is still going to be a thing at some point in time. It's just under some reworking into a novel story what with my straying away from the script style and my work on "Stitch Triverse". At some point, it WILL be revisited, and I'm not letting that idea die out like prior story ideas of mine. :)
LilSiZi Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015  Student General Artist
THanks for the fav c:
JakeBurner Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015
Hey! I like your art and I also grew interested to the Stitch anime like you, so I made this OC and making a story involving him.…
Haisai-DBarenzu Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanks for the art appreciation, glad you like my work! And also, an interest in "Stitch!" is an understatement. Try outright in love with the show (sans Zutto) AND with Stitch stuff in general. :D

Interesting OC, BTW. I can tell there's a love for the feudal era with this character and an Experiment 630 DOES prove interesting. So, props. :)
JakeBurner Featured By Owner Edited Jun 10, 2015
Thx man! :D On another note, 630 is like Jak in Jak II Renegade, when he suffered the same fate as 630 did:
Captured and turned into a monster and now "mad as hell"
And also, Devil Mode is here!…
catercorner Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2015  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
thanks kindly for the watch! i love your work :D
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I don't know if you knew that this existed or if you already have it, but I came across this yesterday----and I literally was fan girling over this. :P…
Haisai-DBarenzu Featured By Owner May 7, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Ah, yes! The soundtrack to the original "Stitch!". I actually have this on my iTunes. Don't have a physical copy, but I am glad to see they're starting to show up on Amazon at least. Cool stuff! :D
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