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This is my gallery, right here. Here, you'll find several pics, be it posters or cross pictures and bold stories based off of several big Disney names! I'll always be busy at more, so take a look if ya wanna! Enjoy what you see... and/or read!

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deviation in storage by annieIeonhardt
deviation in storage by annieIeonhardt
These are my faves right here; an assortment of either comedic, powerful or even just plain fun pictures or stories made by my friends or made by grand artists! Enjoy them if you wanna as well!



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Okay, what happened? Been hanging around Twitter for so long I neglected my darned dA status bar. Let's change that, as I've got some news.

First of all, I know there hasn't been any work on Chapter 4, BOOK 1 of "Stitch Triverse" yet. But of course, the general reason beyond this is due to me wanting to get the cover done for BOOK 1 first (which if you haven't caught on, will be done with ZoraCatone and HappyAggro, same goes for the following three Triverse books in due time unless anything changes). Now, this in mind, the little experiment I was running with the two may now have a deadline, which'll by mid-March. By then we'll move into our actual process of getting lineart, characters and final coloring/FX done as well. I feel like, since we started this in February, having the deadline be March is fair game (I also say this since one got their experiment piece to me a bit ago, leaving the other). However, if either of my collaborators need more time, I can allow for more and when we begin the cover process, this will also apply. Just send a note/tweet/what have you if anything clashes, I don't bite. BUT! From here on in, it's crunch time and cover time... then after that's all done, Chapter 4, BOOK 1 work can be a go. That said, any covers after this will be smartly made before stories begin. Just to clarify. Zoom zoom zoom!

Also, I've started developing a brand new story project as of recent, one that won't come into play until after BOOK 1 of "Stitch Triverse" and its side book following are done and written. The only hints I can give are a dark faction of mecha built based on the legends of the Seven Samurai, made by an institute called Origami Laboratories... their location? Unknown for now. The project, called Codename Bushido tentatively, will be fully revealed come March 2nd. To keep eye on this, check out this Twitter some mook made here: There may be a few hints as to what the story is tied to... until then though, keep your eyes peeled.

On a final note: Oscars. I'll be honest, I liked it. People may say Neil Patrick Harris was a meh host and the humor was dry, but between the performances (like Tegan and Sara and The Lonely Island rocking "Everything Is Awesome" and Common and John Legend singing their soul out with "Glory"), the experience and the like, it was good in my books. Now, the films that won, I approve of: "The Grand Budapest Hotel" netted FOUR awards and "Big Hero 6" and "Feast" rocked the Animated category wins. "Birdman" and "Whiplash" also won a lot too, but I can't judge due to the fact I've not seen those films. "Big Hero 6" winning though made me extravagantly glad. You guys know that ever since that film released, I've been like Baymax-obsessed as much as Stitch-obsessed moreso. Nonetheless, congrats to all the crew and cast that won and... good going Neil Patrick.

Anyways, just a small smidgeon of news for y'all. Need to use this status bar more and I probs will... Haisai!
QUITE a productive day today!

First off, Chapter 3, BOOK 1 of "Stitch Triverse" is out now. Much less than the wait for the first two Chapters. This of course, as you all know is the first of the Triverse Chapters to be simul-posted between here and, and from hereon in, new Chapters will be posted on both sites. A while coming, I'm quite glad it is out and I will try and follow with the fourth Chapter soon. Also, a warning, if you're squeamish with blood, I advise you skipping some scenes in Chapter 3. Not ALL of Triverse will have this darting into mature content, but this one does for backstory's sake (only blood and one hokey word mentioned descriptively). Anyways, do enjoy! :D

Second, I updated one of the Wardrobe Sheets, Yuna's again. Everything's relatively the same, save for an eye fix on all the vectors, a few costume fixes for certain attires (Prehistoric especially) and the reveal of a Kamakuran disguise, aka "Flo". Again, this stems from the new Chapter release, so again, check both things out!

And third, I've been working at some other fancy underground doings. Not the Triverse Cover project just yet (as I am waiting on collaborators HappyAggro and ZoraCatone for early doings and to start, but that's no rush on you guys at all, take your time!!), but a few other things that I really cannot mention ATM that either deal with story lore or in other projects entirely not my own. Whatever follows though, I do hope you enjoy too!

On an off-topic thing, I've been noticing a lot of either down people OR people going on hiatus... weird last week of January we're having if this is what's going down. Ah well though. :shrug:

Anyways, small heads-up on productiveness today, so... haisai! :D
Stitch Triverse - Yuna's Wardrobe /UPDATED! 01-28/ by Haisai-DBarenzu
Stitch Triverse - Yuna's Wardrobe /UPDATED! 01-28/
Aloha ladies and gents, Dylan here with a few new goods for ya!

Now, in a recent journal: I said I'd post up a few pieces of the "Stitch Triverse" development cycle for you as treats, so with this in mind, I decided to upload three wardrobe sheets for the three human mains of the story; Yuna Kamihara, Kyozuki Yamada and Yaiko Galaxia. This one here's for one of the only established characters for Triverse and the Stitch realm's tomboy and karateka, Yuna Kamihara and I've taken a few notes for such a thing. Note that this previously stated a CHUNK of her wardrobe, to which as of now refers to the top row being present in the Triverse story specifically (save for now, as we have 21 attires present, only 12 will be in Triverse though, all on the top row). Anyways, here:

  • 10-year-old Yuna Kamihara is probably the only returning and established main of the bunch and this being said, she already has a number of established wears to take in. For each of the young karateka's attires I include, I'll try and make a note on where it came from in addition to my spiel. Odd fact, Yuna actually has the biggest wardrobe of the three Triverse humans... and yet she's not into fashion. At all. Odd coincidence? Perhaps. She is also someone who seems to have a warm-colored wardrobe, as documented by her reds, pinks and yellows included in a lot of her attires. 12 of these attires from "Stitch!" (despite that Triverse will take place at a mid-point of the series) will be included in the gist of the entirety of "Stitch Triverse", with a lot more outside the story not included. A total of 22 attires have been counted by me, which have since been updated now to feature up to 21.
  • Casual: Yuna's casual attire is literally iconic, for those who've seen her treks (coming in from... basically every episode). The tall young gal dons a floral shirt with a proficient white floral trim to add to the effect, as well as donning a set of navy blue striped slacks and a pair of heart-emblemed red and yellow sandals. The most of this, her floral shirt especially is made by her Gram Obaa, adding a touch more speciality to her Okinawan couture. For the most of Yuna's attires, her tri-tailed brown hairstyle remains with blue beads accompanying. She keeps her Good Deed Memory on her person in addition as well, again, on most of these attires. A fun fact with her floral shirt, the shirt has a specific design of 5 flowers front, 3 flowers back to even things out. Wonder how Obaa managed that? When adventure comes calling, this is often the attire you'll find usually on Yuna's person...
  • Karate Gi: One of her only attires not to be made by her Gram (also coming in from several episodes), Yuna's karate gi is literally a sign that she is a blackbelt in the martial art of karate that she studies. A steady proof of what she loves. A gi is often signified by a long shirt and pants that are often a pale white, as is with most Japanese martial artists. Yuna's has a bit of a difference not just with the blackbelt tied around her waist, but also with an inner shirt around the collar, as... well, she is a girl. Passed down to her by her Gramps and versatile with every kick, punch or whatever, Yuna's karate gi is not just proof of a sensei, but also worth wearing to every karate practice... HIYA! 
  • Sleepwear: Yuna's a... interesting sleeper. She snores, she's a sound sleeper and she also performs the hidden art of sleep karate. Crazy, right? Well, her sleepwear certainly fits that of an islander (coming in from several episodes as well). Yuna's sleepwear is a pink nightgown down to about her legs, with a pair of bows tied near her elbows. Fun fact: you'd think Yuna's hairstyle would take a nosedive from sleeping, right? Nope. Thank goodness for animated hair. You think most tomboys hate pink? Well, Yuna here's an exception, as a few of her attires are that color especially. Her Gram's creation, the young girl's sleep attire is basic, but at the same time, fitting for a young tomboy like her. 
  • Swimwear: Tomboys swim, right? Well, what's a young spunky tomboy like Yuna to wear to a beach or out to the sea? Another of her Gram's creations (coming in from "The Return of Ploot / Izayoi Island Rescue" (i.e: Episode 54 of "Stitch!"), Yuna's swimwear is a red and yellow two-piece affair, a bikini top and a pair of notched boyshorts tied snugly. Retro in a cool kinda way, in her words, as it is another example of a simple attire for one so sophisticated. Then again, who'd want to wear something rich when you're as athletic or as fit as Yuna? After all, I hear Yuna doesn't take well to rich stuff... Much in the same vein as her blackbelt, her Gramps taught her how to swim extremely well while her Dad peaked her interest in the waters around (as a marine biologist of course), and one's gotta match that with well wears. Whether it be diving into the crystal waters of Izayoi or having a bit of chill time with her friends, this swimsuit's suitable for all the feisty Yuna's up for.
  • Winter Wear: Winter NEVER happens on an island like Izayoi Island in the Ryukyus. But a young girl's gotta dream of snow, right? In case the cold temperatures do come to the young prodigy, her Winter Wear (coming from a Disney Channel wallpaper, surprisingly) is a take on her usual attire, adding three things into the mix. Firstly, instead of her identifiable sandals, she wears these fleecy and soft pink boots. In addition, she also wears a set of pink earmuffs. Keeps the ears cozy, wouldn't you agree? But the biggest addition is the third, a white and red winter coat that covers her person down to where her floral shirt cuts off. Kyo, another Triverse main, follows this kinda method up with one of his attires. A rare sight on Izayoi Island, but off the isle and in the cold, you might just see Yuna donning this.
  • Eisa Wear: Okinawans often have an island custom in a dance they call the "eisa". This little dance has styles that differ between the genders, boys have different dances than girls. Ever seen Yuna sway her arms from right to left in a dance? THIS is often what you're seeing, an "eisa". Named literally after the sounds made during the custom: "ei sa sa sa". While doing this though, Yuna wears this, another take on her normal attire. This adds two things: one, an eisa coat in pink, blue and white, and a knotted turban around her head. This in itself is part of how an eisa works, the attire is bright, colorful and pertainable to each gender. She's not the only one either, EVERYONE who performs in an eisa wears something like this. And while the boys and the girls dance differently, you can bet on a day worth celebrating that Yuna'd be donning this among her part in a dance... "Ei sa sa sa"!
  • Kimono #1: Yuna has two kimonos, one that surfaced from an episode and another from an iOS game. Of course, I decided on the one from the episode (coming in from "Foxy Beige / Fox Girl Dolores" (i.e: Episode 12 of "Stitch!"). Obaa created this one too, so this pink kimono is a take on Yuna's iconic floral pattern with magenta flowers adorned all throughout, in fact a lot more than her casual, to be honest. In addition, an orange bow tied around her completes the usual celebratory attire. Often times, Okinawan folk would use kimono for fireworks or festivals or so on... Yuna's use of course, is no different. From the boons of the island fireworks (TAMAYA) or the shouts of an island festival, Yuna's kimono is an occasional sight for an Izayoi Islander.
  • Flo / Kamakura: Yo! So, here's a new style for ya that may be classed as fresh from the city... or not. This is one that is introduced from "Stitch Triverse" BOOK 1, Chapter 3 - "KAMAKURA" on. An outfit made from Kyozuki's leftover clothes from his youth generously given to her, Yuna takes on a disguise as the Kamakuran native "Flo" for a time. A tiedye shirt of yellows, blues and pinks, as well as a pair of blue shorts and magenta sandals make the most of this attire. In addition, you could also class this as a variation on Yuna's swimsuit too, as she wears that underneath her clothes as Flo. Because as you know, living in the city near a coastside does call for this. The coup de grace of this though is the bubbly hat she wears to cover a pigtail-altered hairstyle. All in all, as Flo, she tries to distinguish herself away from Kamakura's seeing eyes that could very well rat her out as her true identity. With these threads though? She may just succeed! You dig?
  • CLASSIFIED: Until a later point in the story, this attire will not be unveiled until then. Come back some way into BOOK 2: CARAVAN and we'll unveil this for you. Sorry, Galactic Federation policy, I don't share because I don't wanna be blasted by plasma pistols.
  • Fancy Wear: When it comes to trying to be fancy, Yuna usually never succeeds. She can't be bothered with the mess that is fashion, so most times she ends up a faux paux. And why should she care, right? Tomboys don't deal in fashion! However, lucky she has a friend like Sae, which is where this attire comes in. A flashy and glitzy attire meant for special occasions (coming from "Sasha / The Stylish Transfer Student, Sae" (i.e: Episode 30 of "Stitch!") and compiled up by none other than Sae from Yuna's clothes left around, this attire, sans a peach scarf, consists of a pair of peach pants and a light green shirt that's tied around by a peach belt. Again, this one's a rarity to come by, but come an occasion where she so needs it, then aloha fancy attire, Yuna needs ya!
  • Ranger: A random attire you'd find young Yuna in, this ranger attire (coming in from "Pilolo / The Sleeping Angel of the Forest" (i.e: Episode 22 of "Stitch!") is fine and dandy for most adventures into... well, the forest. The attire consists of a almost sand-colored shirt tied with a red ribbon around the neck, a pair of shorts the same color and to top it off, this attire dodges Yuna's usual sandals with a pair of brown boots. Anybody feel a touch of Jungle Cruise with this though? Maybe it's just me, but this and Yuna's swimwear seem to ring some kind of Disney reference to me (Jungle Cruise and Sorcerer Mickey, respectively). Though, I must be going crazy. Into the Chitama Forest? It'll be very rare to see Yuna donning this... but it's a thing.
  • Halloween: Boo! Yuna's Halloween attire is probably a radical different from other two Triverse mains Yai and Kyo, as hers is a play on her main attire and a creative twist (coming in from "Dracula Jr. / Halloween! Stitch VS. Vampire!" (i.e: Episode 29 of "Stitch!"). This play transforms the young and feisty tomboy into a witch, as a purple and blue tall hat and a cape with heart on it is worn to distinguish her casual look... In addition, a fun quirk is that Yuna has different sandals with this attire, a purple and blue pair that indeed are 100% alike that of her usual! She carry multiple? Probably, her Gram has made more than one of her iconic shirt. For trying a trick or treat around the island, this is quite the boo-st that Yuna dons.
  • Rainwear: Rain is a common thing on Izayoi Island, as a tropical island, things can tend to get wet at times. Thus, this variation of her casual attire (coming in from "Stitch Obtained the Power of Number One in Space!" (i.e: Episode 45 of "Stitch!") covers her person (and her brown pigtails and in extension, her whole head) up with a mahogany poncho that goes down past her shirt length... It's quite a simple thing to combat the island's rain showers with, but it's worth it in the end, as of course, it keeps the young tomboy dry. Better to be safe and sorry rain or shine, right?
  • Kimono #2: As stated before, Yuna has two kimonos in her stock. This one comes from an iOS game, a card game adaption of "Disney Magic Castle", Japan's own Virtual Magic Kingdom. Look familiar? That's 'cuz the design is iconic to her, as this kimono has a very similar pattern of red meets yellow flowers to her casual fare. To finish this one off, a navy blue bow ties around, quite similar in color scheme to her own slacks. As always, in Okinawan ways, celebration and festival are a common thing, and while Yuna doesn't usually wear this kimono (as she'd prefer the pink one), on the occasion that she does, you'd KNOW it was her what with the colors. Again, the shouts of a island festival are more than welcome in this attire.
  • Spy Girl: Yuna wouldn't be caught dead in an attire like this... something sultry and form-fitting? Never in a million years. However, when your friend Stitch tries to give a rip to a Mr. Bond, what else is there to wear to take on the "Bond gal"? This flaunty attire (coming in from "The Blue Panther / Detective Stitch, The Search for the Masterpiece!" (i.e: Episode 42 of "Stitch!") puts Yuna in a rather embarrassing form-fitting crimson dress with a lower salmon frill, a pair of long black gloves with a cuff around her neck to boot, and a pair of red high-heels to complete the "lady-like" appearance. Again, would Yuna ever wear this? Heck to the no! But as a outfit that Stitch somehow found for her, it counts... sorry Yuna!
  • Disneyland: "Aloha from Disneyland!", this look seems to say out loud! As Yuna heads to Tokyo Disneyland, this easy alternative to her casual attire (coming in from "Meega Going to Disneyland! / Stitch Goes to Tokyo Disneyland!" (i.e: Episode 52 of "Stitch!") gives Yuna some iconic Mickey Mouse ears with a Sorcerer Mickey hat to boot... and in addition, it seems Yuna lucked out on one of the sought-after popcorn buckets from there too! While those two objects aside aren't at all different from her casual attire, it's those two objects, the Mouse ears and the popcorn bucket that give the feel of truly being at a Disney Park. Enjoy your stay at Tokyo Disneyland!
  • Police / Officer Suzuki: Yuna prides herself as being a good friend of island police officer and plump dojo mate Officer Suzuki. This means she's all for helping out if it means the greater good and the law is upheld. However, this rather rare attire (coming in from "Stitch!" ED2 "Stitch is Coming!") has Yuna dressed up like the police force of one that patrols Izayoi. It's rare because Yuna wouldn't necessarily wear a police uniform on an ordinary day on the island... especially considering how sweaty it can get wearing one of these things in the tropical heat of Izayoi. Don't believe me? Just ask Officer Suzuki himself...
  • Biker: This is yet another attire Yuna herself wouldn't usually be seen in. This time it's not because it's embarrassing to her tomboy morale, but rather... look at it! It's a punky attire for a rough-rolling biker! Yes, this biker attire didn't appear in any "Stitch!" episode, but it was inspired by a certain intro (that being "Stitch!" OP4 "South Wind & Sun"). Essentially, the attire fits into the several myriad of attires that appeared in the MONGOL800-led intro, including Jumba's and Stitch's. So, based off those, the tomboy Yuna sports a red vest and leather pants and belts over her casual attire, a pair of plum boots and a goggle-headed red helmet that lets her pigtails breathe (literally) included. Also, check out her gloves, they have quite the crude Yuna face! It's a nice day for a bike ride when you have your own bike that can travel to the stars, huh?
  • Pirates for Peace: This one also didn't appear in any episode, but it is something Yuna and Stitch are a part of, aye... After a distinct episode, Yuna and Stitch meets a group of pirates led by Audrey and Captain Rock, a group later dubbed the Pirates for Peace, the scallywags they be. With this in mind, this attire (influenced by the characters from "Stitch VS. Captain Khan / A Ghost Ship!" (i.e Episode 31 of "Stitch!") puts our fair-haired tomboy lass with a pirate's hat, a wrecked-up coat and a belt over ye girl's usual look. Also, take ye notes, Yuna be sporting brown and purple sandals for this attire, interesting addition for ye lass! Even if she ain't no seafarer like the Pirates for Peace, she and Stitch can know that ye can be a pirate no matter how far ye be, like honorary Pirates for Peace! ...Pirate accent done.
  • Medieval: Yuna in a long dress? How awfully and undeniably jokeworthy! Well, mayhaps this is how she looked in ye old times... Coming in from hither episode (said episode being "Princess Penny / Alien Power in Princess!" (i.e Episode 32 of "Stitch!"), Yuna sported a rather garish for her taste gown, complete with a fair weathered hat... it made her look quite of a certain fairy out of a sleeping girl's tale... or rather a trio of them, dare I say! If our young tomboy ever looked back in the medieval days and saw herself in there, chances are ye'd be face to face from this girl...eth. Call ye from fair and far for her aid in wooping butteth! ...That's also over and done with.
  • Kijimunaa: Perhaps you like the yokai look? Or maybe you're trying to find your way into the long lost Twin Caverns on Izayoi Island? How would you do that? Well, dress up like the legendary yokai Kijimunaa of course! This alteration of Yuna's casual fare (coming in from episode "The Twin Caverns / Kijimunaa Explorers" (i.e Episode 22 of "Stitch!") has her hairstyle swap up to what seems to be a brown-haired wig made to look like Kijimunaa's spiky style. In addition, Yuna also has a grass garb around her standard fare, much akin to how Kijimunaa does around his person. It fools the caves and makes you look like the Guardian of Izayoi's yokai! How does it do it? Keyword: sanshin is the answer...
  • Prehistoric: Oook. Ooo-ooh, Yuna oook. Oooh, oooh, oooh! (Remember when we said that Yuna in the past'd be an interesting sight? Well, this attire, originally thought up out of nowhere by Pleakley (and coming from "Sasha / The Stylish Transfer Student, Sae" (i.e: Episode 30 of "Stitch!") takes the young tomboy and puts her at a scruffier look. For starters, her pigtails are gone, replaced with a big tuft of brown hair covered up with furs and a feather. She also seems to have a sand, green and brown dress literally and messily put together, much like the caveman's days. Subtract sandals and add a gigantic bone and you can't help but feel prehistoric looking at this get-up. Just don't get too used to it, these days, Yuna and a bone wouldn't be too likely of a combination, especially with her karate!)

Keep tabs on this as we go about the story OR if you're looking into fan art opportunities, as this'll keep some reference on how some of Yuna's attires look, especially in AND out of the story. Anyways, hope you enjoy what's a little piece of the Triverse work and I'll catch you on the wave later.


Chapter 3

Yuna stared with a twitching eye at the sign in front of her...”Welcome to Kamakura” it said in kanji. Stitch had already told her a few seconds ago of their whereabouts. Up to this point, the two had been warped off via a series of unfortunate events that just so happened to involve Jumba's normal teleporter on Izayoi. Now, they were in Kamakura. Though odd as it may, Yuna's Good Deed Memory couldn't pick up where they were despite knowing this...

Kamakura, or this Kamakura to clarify, was a big city. Normally it wasn't so, but in this place, it actually appeared so. Skyscrapers cut into the sunny skies like serrated blades, people bustled around this place in hoards and of course, there was many a manner of enterprise in this place. Signs, billboards and even store displays all seemed to convey their usual product game of flashy clothing brands or names. Nike. MARVEL. Sapporo. Many a name covered this place, even the cloud and clutter of all sorts of audio. All this was mixed in with the old spiritual parks and even the calm with surfer coveted beaches in the flow.

To Stitch though, what made his face grin brighter than ever was one look at a store display nearby while Yuna was gawking at the sign still. That store wasn't the only one though. Everywhere in this city had this. The gleam of a certain blue alien's own face all over. It was Stitch himself. In this place, he was embraced as an icon of sorts, not only him but the others from his past. Reuben. Lilo. Even Yuna herself. However, Stitch had to quit out of the greedy outlook at his name in lights and try and coax Yuna.

“Yuna? Tay've been staring at that sign for 5 minutes now... c'mon, we gotta get a move on...” Stitch said, hounding the hotheaded tomboy staring at the sign in this big city. Yuna hounded back equally- “Stitch, move on where!? We're in some kinda quasi-futuristic Kamakura, what makes you think you know the way around?!”, “Well, maybe issa easier if we just hit the road and see... ih?”

Yuna wasn't particularly in good spirits, but just as she nodded and was about to agree and follow, a cough broke the city ambiance that the two heard... along with a wave of other noise following. The two turned their heads to see just what was going on.

Standing before the two was a whole set of tens of other Kamakuran city folk. From kids to adults, to businessmen to beachgoers, all of them seemed to stare insanely at the two with bewildered and excited grins, scanning Yuna's wears, Stitch's ears and even the orange backpack propped onto Yuna's back with a fan's form of zealotism. Lines like “Eep! It's them!!”, “Either that's a very impressive cosplay or that's the real thing...” and “CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPHS?!” were uttered out of this as the tomboy and diminutive alien looked with confusion.

Yuna didn't quite know how to react to this, as didn't Stitch... Stitch knew that he was big in this place. Yuna however, did not catch on. Yuna, being a leader of the moment, took the first step, putting on an anxious grin and waving to the masses. “Uhh... hi?”, she uttered to the crowd in front of her.

Undeniably, the entire mass of people roared in the screams that only a fanboy would make in the face of a celebrity. Though this didn't phase Yuna, she did grin somewhat unknowingly at the situation. Stitch though, decided to add to this, knowing his role in the city...

“KAMAKURA! Are tay ready to par-tay!?” he yelled. Stitch might've not known what he said at the time.

Because this rather risque cry from the Experiment seemed to cause the entirety of the mass of people to dash forward down this very street of Kamakura, about to tackle down their idols Yuna and Stitch in a fit of joy!

There was one thing Yuna and Stitch could do from this... run. And so they did after a twin set of yells escaped their mouths. The crowd chased the young karateka and her blue friend closely behind. Yells came from the fans' mouths- “Hey, stop!”, “Can't you slow down to read my fanfic, guys!?”, “But I gotta have Yuna show me that kick of hers', it's AMAAAAZING!!”- all things that showed how downright insane they were. So insane it was sickening, in fact.

Yuna and Stitch ran and ran with this unfaltering crowd behind them down the many twists and turns of the city, the stores and noise flying in their trail. “Yeah, nice going, Stitch! You and your big mouth got us into this!” Yuna barked. Stitch aggravatingly came back at her- “Well, meega had to appeal to my public somehow” “Your public? What do you mean, YOUR public?!” Yuna questioned... though, it seemed in the midst of the chase, that question was answered by the look of a Stitch and friends advert on a billboard nearby. She shook her head, taking in the crazy Stitch-ified sights and continued, finally getting an idea.

“Stitch!”, Yuna said as Stitch turned while his dash of all fours continued. “Ih?”, “On the count of three, we take a swift right turn into that alleyway up ahead, 'kay?”. Seemed as though Yuna caught wind of a slight turn inbetween a bakery shop and a pottery that could've made good use for them to evade their fanbratty captives. Stitch caught on rather quickly, nodding and giving a hearty “Ih!” to follow.

“One...” Yuna started, looking back at the crazed crowd coming from behind, gaining fast. As she continued to “Two...”, she skidded her foot into turning as Stitch mirrored the same movement. “THREE!” was her final call as she and Stitch gave a leap into the alley inbetween the shops as their safeguard from this Comic-Con cornering...

To their surprise, the plan worked perfectly. The crowd blazed ahead, still thinking that Yuna and Stitch had ran ahead towards the Kamakuran beach coasts up ahead. Out of breath, the two veered out of the alley, heads at a tilt to see the crowd all clamor ahead. “Where'd they go!?”, “I swear I saw them heading to the beach!”, “Maybe Stitch can surf for me!” were all lines yelled by the bratty fans as they marched ahead, unnoticing Yuna and Stitch breaking free of their chase.

Yuna spoke up after that mess- “Man, what was that all about?” Stitch piped up with “Ih... meega like the attention, but this issa a little... too much. That was like Hall H on a good day...” “And did that one person say something about a “fanfic”? Uhh... in what world'd this end up normal?” Yuna continued, a little weirded out about the idea of their adventures being like candy to these city folk.

Yet seemed as though their clamor hadn't ended there. A shadow was cast by a being at the front of the alley they had hidden on, something that caused the two's heads to turn and shout. “Who's there?!”, “Gaba ika tasoopa!?” Yuna and Stitch cried in their different dialects, Yuna with an added karate kata to try and fend off whatever stood at their hideaway of the moment.

The shadow, however... was caused by something peculiar. Standing before the two was something that they thought they would never see in a million years- another Experiment 626. While this one was darker of color and a little scruffy, it was in fact...

“Stitch!? Huh!?” Yuna and Stitch yelled, looking at one another in sheer amazement of the happening. Another 626? That couldn't be right...

This Stitch though, seemed scared from the yelling that spouted forward and backed against the wall. “Ah... sokka, meega... didn't mean to scare tay...” this dark-blue Stitch rattled. “No way... Stitch, were you always like that before? So... docile?” Yuna asked. Yuna's own Stitch shook his head, “Naga, meega was naga a coward... or shy, naga my wave there. C'mon, tay should know that from heart, Yuna!” he quipped. “Well, I knew that, it's just... weird to see that be a thing.” she followed.

Then, a boy's voice cut in. “Man, I lost him! I didn't wanna lose him the--”. His voice interrupted as the footsteps of a teenage boy, a slacker sort who looked rather savvy with the city walked towards Stitch, picking him up at the edge of the alley.

“Stitch, there you are... dude, don't run off without me like that, you worried me sick almost!” he coaxed to his own 626 in his arms, holding him like that of a homemade plush toy. However, upon a single dart of his eyes through his orange glasses up, he met with one of the greatest surprises he had ever seen in his 13-year-old life...

“...You're... no way, NO! YOU'RE  YUNA AND STITCH!? Like... THE Yuna and Stitch!!” the boy shouted in his excitement.

Yuna spoke up first- “Hold on, hold on... if you're like any of those fanboy freakshows out there, I'm clocking your lights out!”, about to take a kata and a yell that showed her aggressive karate side. The teenage boy yelped with cowardice- “NO! NO! Don't hurt me, please... I... I'm just a really big fan of you guys... that's all. I don't take it to that extreme... okay, maybe I do, but PLEASE!”

Yuna stopped, looking him in the eyes. “You... must not be like those other guys then?”. The boy looked up, giving a cool nod and a smile. “Nah, nah, that's not my style. Truth is, I just love you and your adventures. And Stitch too, he's one of my idols in life.” Yuna's own 626 piped up after that- “But what about tay's copy of meega?”, a jerk of Kyo's head down to his own alien coming back up. “He's... well, a recent addition to our “ohana”. You know that word, yeah?”

The word “ohana” got immediate approval by Yuna and Stitch, the two nodding. “Yeah, 'course we do! That's all Stitch's doing there!” Yuna said, walking forward. “If you know us, then what's your name?”. He stated, sighing in a peaceful manner- “Kyozuki Yamada. You can call me Kyo though, dude... and dudette”, he chuckled after the latter.

Kyozuki had been through a bit since our last check up on him. After a downright heck of a time trying to tame his Stitch, he succeeded. Now, Kyo takes his Stitch out into the city under the “disguise” of a Stitch plush toy, considering the Stitch-crazed Kamakura vista. His own Stitch though, feral and cranky back when, had changed to be a shy yet kindred spirit, with a slight bit of  feral attitude peaking in when need be. In short, the two had started on their merry “ohana” well... or so we'd think.

Yuna bowed, giving her name- “You probably already know this, but I'm Yuna... karate champion, tomboy and a bit of a softie at times”, she laughed after, continuing, “Nice to meet you!” Stitch, giving a clear “ahem” as day, tried bowing to introduce himself, but fell flat on his head. Truth is, he never quite got used to bowing, even with Yuna's teachings. Chuckling at his failure, he started “And meega's Stitch... ooh, best one yet, meega think”, landing on his feet afterwards.

Kyo chuckled at the two. “Well, I'm thrilled to finally meet you two... I was just heading back from a grocery run for my Uncle, why are you two stuck here in a trash-covered alley?” Kyo said. Yuna looked up, looking rather disappointingly at him- “Well, truth be told, this is the only place where we can hide without those dirty fans trying to get us”, “You mean to tell me you guys have no place to stay?” Yuna shook her head “no” at Kyo's comment, sighing.

Kyo smiled and offered “Hey, chin up, dudette... why don't I sneak you over to my place? You two can stay there for as long as you're here, free of charge!” Yuna beamed “Really? You sure you wanna have me and Stitch stay there, I mean, we don't wanna impose any”. Kyo nodded and waved, as his Stitch grumbled in his arm- “Who's imposing, guys? It's just me, my Stitch and my Uncle there, nobody else. And my Uncle'll probably dig y'all being around too! Come along... I know a shortcut from the alleys to my house.”

Stitch nodded and grinned mischievously at this opportunity, walking ahead down the alley following Kyozuki and his Stitch's direction through the dank passage. Yuna though, more cautiously spoke up- “But wait, where's your house, Kyo?” Kyo looked back and said “Just down near the beach. I know you're a little wary because of all those fanboy dudes that may have given you a run for your money, but trust me... I know the way and none of them involve going back into the streets”, adding a smile as he walked.

Yuna didn't have any further objections. Someone new just walked in and gave them a place to stay after her mess of bringing herself and Stitch here. And from the looks of it, someone with the same understanding of “ohana” as her. She smiled and ran forward, joining the gang as they walked. “Well then, haisai, let's go!” she cheerfully remarked with her usual catchphrase involving an Okinawan phrase, before looking up to Kyo. She then said- “Kyo... thanks. You really helped us out here, you know?” as she gave a  smile, him returning the favor.

“Man, to think that some hubbub about Yuna and Stitch being in town actually led me to the actual shreddin' thing!” Kyo laughed. However, his curiosity got the better with one final question on their march back to Kyo's Uncle's house on the reach of Kamakura- “Hey though... just where did you two come riding in from”? Yuna chuckled and left it with a simple answer- “Long story, Kyo... we'll tell ya later, 'kay?”

So, it appeared that while Kamakura wasn't quite safe for them as of yet, Yuna and Stitch found some new friends in Kyo and his very own Stitch too, and not only that, but refuge too. If “ohana” included people from another place (and it should), this means that Yuna's own “ohana” grew with these two bonding. The teen and the tomboy continued on their merry way, their aliens at their sides... Although, the real question was what in the world was going on back at home on Izayoi?

♦ ♦ ♦

While certain people were getting acquainted over in Kamakura, there appeared to be another case of this on Izayoi Island elsewhere. After the rocky event that welcomed three new islanders in seemed... well, overblown in a word, things had been relatively peaceful since, the new people moving in without a hitch.

One of such people was Jessica. Being the richest of most students of Okinawa New Town's class, she moved here equally. As it turns out, one of the reasons her father moved them here in the first place was in part due to Penny's Dad, the Mayor of Chitama Town and operator of several pineapple facilities. Knowing this, Jessica's family, the Ninkis, moved into a manor nearby that of the Painapps or Penny's family.

Since it was a day after, Jessica was wandering around Izayoi trying to figure out what there even was to do on such a boring yet dashingly and coincidentally beautiful island. Jessica sighed. “You know, this place could use a little more than just historic landmarks or palm trees to really get go--”

She was interrupted by someone bumping into her, someone rather... diminutive. One could tell from her squawky voice who it was. Then again, anyone would've been able to tell.

“Watch where you're walking there, missy! If I catch you walking like that again, I'll have you made into pineapple jam and--!!”

Turns out it was Penny, running her mouth of again until she realized just who it was standing in front of her. “Umm... pardon me?” Jessica said, her maribelle tone coming around. Penny gasped and bowed- “I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to run my mouth off in front of you... you're that new girl, Jessica, right? The one my Daddy gave the manor next door to?” Jessica seemed far too bewildered to make a response, and nodded.

Penny, flicking her gorgeous blonde hair around, looked up at her. “Well, I suppose I should introduce myself to you then... my name's Penny of the rich family Painapp! Also known as richest girl of the island and “princess of pink”. Some people tend to look at me as a primadonna of the island” Penny said, finishing off with an attractive grin only accented by the lipstick on her person.

Jessica seemed quite similar in the sense that her and Penny seemed very much alike. With a flick of a wrist through her luxurious caramel hair, she started- “Well, my name is Jessica, last name Ninki. Most popular of class back in New Town and new here on this island because... well... my daddy wanted to. I begged and pleaded him not to though!” she said, her beautiful speech turning more into a sob story later on.

Penny looked on with a simply sneery chuckle. “Hah! I guess that's why you reminded me of someone... Me. Anyways, the way you were wandering around the island seemed to catch my eye...” Jessica perked her head at this. “Oh? Do go on then, Penny...” she insisted.

“Well, ever since you came to this island, I couldn't help but notice you'd fit in like a glove in our little group. You see, I often travel in a clique with my brother and his bozo friends and I figured, what's one more person to add to our quad set here? We could make it a... uhh... quint set, quin... whatever, there'd be five of us, got it?” Penny made her claim known to the world and this was fact. Penny always bossed around her brother Kenny and his own friends Taka and Masa. They had a clique going on, with the three boys often being used to further help Penny's goals... no matter how fiendish or greedy they were to others, even themselves.

Jessica gave a simple smile, or at least a simple one that a bully girl could have at this moment. “Well, I admire the offer and I'll graciously accept. Considering we're next door neighbors now? This'd make things a cinch between the both of us and also give me a set of friends to call my own”. You could tell how interested she was in taking people a step down below her.

“Perfect then!” Penny said, shaking hands with Jessica. “Welcome! Oh and don't worry... you won't get the bossing end of the stick with me. I only reserve that for my big brother.”

Penny then brought up another curious question. “By the way, just off the top of my head, have you ever seen this girl around the island... tan skin, big head, wears lousy clothes, has hair that looks like someone stacked pineapples into her hair... badly?” Jessica merely shook her head at this without a word. It was obvious who this was pointing to out of the islanders.

This seemed to please Penny, as she grinned with dastardly intent- “Good, good... I'll tell you about her later. Now, why don't you come along? I was actually heading somewhere to relax today and I want you to join me.” Penny said, waving her new friend Jessica forward down the isle's dirt trail. Jessica looked curiously “Uhh... where to, Penny? You certainly know this island better than me”.

Penny, giving a smirk, looks back to Jessica and her rather curious expression. “Well, Jessica, since you're friends with me, you're gonna be be getting in on some VIP stuff, courtesy of yours truly. Now, where was I going? Well, I was gonna head down to the Izayoi Grand Hotel and relax in the pool there... solo. Then you came along and now we can both go pool lounging! My Daddy owns the place, so he can let us use for our own use, no matter who's there. He can just kick them out, if anyone! Not to mention, you're next door to us with your rich father, so... this'll make ends meet here!”, Penny said, finishing her explanation with a sneaky laugh.

Jessica couldn't help but feel honored. The use of a pool? Without any people around thanks to Penny? She couldn't help but smirk a smile unlike any other. “Alright then, Penny, you've got yourself a deal! Let's stop by our manors and then you lead the way. After all, I'm no rolling stone!” Jessica ended off with a laugh...

...Only to have a tumbleweed fumble right by the two debutantes. Penny looked unenthusiastic about Jessica's pun as the started walking back to their manors. “Really? Okay, if you're gonna be hanging around us, we gotta make that pun thing going, going, gone...” Penny uttered, as Jessica looked away and said “Well, it was funnier in my head...” as the two girls walked. From this meeting, the two bully girls seemed to make a bigger alliance than ever before. What would Kenny and the others think? We'll leave that up in the air...

However, this wasn't the only happening on the island. Aside from the bullies' doings, the pitter patter of shoes came about as Sae ran ahead, looking rather distressed down a path near and dear to Chitama Town nearby. She skidded to a stop after, seeing someone ahead- Taro.

“Sae? Geez, you're in a rush... What's wrong?” Taro asked the young fashionista of a girl. Out of breath and brushing the dust that coveted her outfit, Sasha started- “Taro, have you seen Yuna anywhere? I went... I went by her house earlier and the place was bare... Haven't seen Obaa around town either, so I couldn't ask her... Oh my gosh, next time I should leave the running to her... Ah...”

Upon hearing this news, Taro merely shook his head- “No, I didn't... I thought she was going to the Aguni Island though?” Sae quipped again- “I thought so too, but... but...”, starting to get worried for her. Taro, usually the one in this case, decided to step up. “Sasha, c'mon... you're saying this as if she vanished off the island without a trace... give it a bit of time, she'll be okay... she always does, right?”

Sae nodded, giving a sigh to calm herself. “...You're right, Taro. Sorry, I... I'm just worried should something happen to her. Ichariba Chodei, right?” “Hey, I am too, but we shouldn't be worrywarts. Yuna taught me that a while ago... even if I do end up feeding that habit sometimes, but still! If my sensei taught me it, it's bound to be right... Now, why don't we go check up with the newbies, Yoko and Jenna?” Taro explained. Sae walked off with a nod, a bit of her glee returning to her- “Right, hopefully their first night went well”.

Taro though, looked off seeing the sun touch the waters afar leading to other islands. This daze of his had him thinking of someone close to him. “I... I wonder if she's... OK...” he thought to himself, blushing. Sae called from afar again- “Hey, Taro! C'mon, you gave me the idea! Aren't you coming?” Taro broke out of his blushing stupor and ran forward. “Uhh--!! COMING!!” he said, now properly walking, or in his case, running- down one of the trails on the island to Chitama Town. While they hadn't a clue what Yuna was up to or where she was, one has to wonder just whom was Taro thinking of for that one distinct moment?

♦ ♦ ♦

Meanwhile, our group of Stitches and humans had made it to Kyozuki's home. Located down nearby the beach area of Kamakura, it was on a hillside of a road. A wood exterior helped make it stand out among the other houses on the street. Nobody had spotted the four on their way back through the back door of the place, but it was the inside that counted. Inside, it was nice and lavish for a small Kamakuran home, especially one not expensive in any grade, coming in with most of the basics. Uncle Haka wasn't home from his job at the board shop yet, so Yuna, Kyo and the others had snuck in with relative ease. Yuna also seemed to ask about why Kyo only lived with his Uncle, but it seemed as though the teen didn't seem ready to answer that just yet. Keyword- just yet.

Kyo's room was a very unique sort. While it contained much the same wooden look as the rest of the house, his room had posters of musicians one would've probably never heard of on his wall, in addition to a poster of Lilo, Yuna, Stitch and several other characters on his wall, much akin to his Stitch obsession before... well, getting his own 626. He also had a prodigious computer nearby, with a homemade hanger on the wall for his Sony headphones he always kept on his person, bar whenever surfing. There was also his pride and joy, his Stitch blue surfboard, hanging up against the wall near the door, an ease of convenience.

“So!” Kyo said, looking at the pair of Yuna and the Izayoi Islander Stitch standing quite uniquely. “You wanna stand out in Kamakura, don't you? Without being seen by the dudes and dudettes that stroll the city wake?” Yuna nodded with ease- “Yep! Tell me your ways, oh wise surfing maestro of the city!”, her own Stitch mimicking her nod with one similar.

With Kyo's Stitch sitting nearby on the bed nearby, the group was planning a new look for Yuna, because as it stood, if they were spotted looking natural as they were, they'd be mauled by wild Kamakuran Stitch fans. Kyo pointed at his closet against the wall. “Well, lemme help. In this closet, I've tons of clothes I had left from years ago in my dude-hood”. Yuna looked in confusion at Kyo's term of “dude-hood”- “Dude-hood? You don't mean childhood, do ya?”, she snickered afterwards. “Well, I had to scrounge up some kinda colorful term to use, didn't I, dudette?” Kyo said dryly.

Yuna opened the closet doors only to look around in the pile of left clothes. While they were boys' clothes, as a tomboy, she could have cared less about what she wore. Heck, most of what she wore was boy-like in a way. The pile housed many wears, shirts with fire designs, odd Disney-laden clothes, even the occasional “Hidden Mickey”, but she picked up a few odd ones and took her backpack in hand as she did. “Alright, I think I've got what I need, gimme a sec...” Yuna said, as she closed the door.

After a moment of Kyo whistling some techno beat he had in his headphones over his ears, Yuna stepped out to the three in Kyo's room... and all that was heard was snickering. “Yuna, I... I don't think Kamakurans dress like that...” Kyo muttered, holding back his laughter...

Yuna stood dressed in an odd choice of clothes. First off, a tiedye shirt that mixed the colors of pinks, yellow and blues garnished her top. A pair of plain blue shorts also were among, alongside a pair of magenta sandals. She also seemed to wear her swimsuit underneath of her clothes, as her usual red and yellow bikini top's bow was seen hanging and tied around her neck. The coup de grace of this attire though was a cap that stood atop her head, striped and blue, with bubbles adorning the design. However, her hair still stood out clear as day, the pigtails people would've been able to tell a mile away.

Yuna looked in odd way at the others, at their snickering- “What's so funny? I thought Kamakurans wear stuff like this?” Kyo and the Stitches burst into laughter afterwards, they couldn't hold it back anymore. “Haha, Yuna looks like a hippie! Naga takabah!” Stitch cackled loudly. Yuna instantly jolted up by this- “W-- What!? Whaddaya mean I--?”, as she caught herself in Kyo's mirror nearby his computer table. Looking at her, she started snickering too. “Okay, I see where you're coming from... Mmhmhm!” she managed out of her comedic fit.

Kyo stopped his laughing at Yuna's expense for a moment, walking near her. From this, you could tell how tall Yuna was compared to the teen Kyo, as she reached up to about his shoulders. “Well, the clothes you got... the swimsuit's a bit much, but that's your one and only set of beachwear if my years of watching your adventures isn't off.” Kyo stated. Yuna looked at him after that- “Uhh... yeah, my Gram's not really a quantity worker, you know?”, “Guess we could just say that's a reproduction of your usual swim things someone made for you, but then again, we may not even need to do that... Anyways, right, the tiedye shirt and the shorts... they're good. Sandals? Perfect too, dudette! Now...” Kyo's eyes scanned up and down Yuna's person of what she was wearing, thinking.

Immediately his hands went right to Yuna's pigtails. Grabbing them, Yuna already gave disapproval, a bit of a fuss following- “Hey, hey! What's the big idea messing with my hair, Kyo!?”, “Gimme a sec, Yuna...” Kyo said as he managed to shutter the tails down into a collective set below her head, brushing them into place with her hands as Kyo let go. “Okay, what'd you do, Kyo?” Yuna demanded, as Kyo merely pointed to the mirror again. Yuna looked on, noticing her pigtails were behind her head as opposed to up, the bubbly hat of hers propping them down proper. She then smiled and gave a nod, as she liked the handiwork Kyo managed to do with them. “Huh... Spiffy, Kyozuki! Back tails over front tails! I like!” she stated with a grin. While the final look did't change much in the clothing angle, it did give her a slight modification to her hairstyle not so easily read by other Kamakurans.

“So, guess you've got your wears... Stitch, what about you? You gonna get disguised up as a dude? Considering you had one back in Hawaiian days, it might be no surprise here...” Kyo asked. The Izayoi Island version of Stitch, getting up, began to put on things lying around.

First off, a tuque that had a striped red and black design on it. He followed that with a leather jacket that seemed far too small for Yuna or Kyo to wear, but small enough for him to wear along with a yellow T-shirt. Then, he put on a set of beige shorts below his lower half, covered already by his usual orange and hibiscus peach swimtrunks he had snuck on, a staple Sae actually found for him back on the island that Yuna always packed with him in mind, among other things in her backpack. Once everything came together, Stitch looked like some punk musician that came in off the streets. One that screamed “heavy rock”.

Yuna and Kyo both looked on with a smile, Yuna giving a whistle at how impressive the getup was. “Gotta say, Stitch here knows his disguise game...” Kyo muttered, with a nod from Yuna to agree. Meanwhile, Kyo's Stitch looked at him, tilting his head. “Meega use clothes?” he asked. Kyo shook his head- “No, no, no- Yuna's Stitch is more the type to don threads, not you dude. You're always gonna be au naturale... if that makes sense.”

“Now, with both your disguises set... you guys need names. Like... Kamakuran names, man. Any ideas?” Kyo asked the two in front of him, his Stitch still sitting on his bed a bit away. Yuna thought for a moment- “Hmm... how 'bout Flo? That sounds Kamakuran, don't it?” Kyo beamed at the name with but a mellow grin as he began to compare- “Flo? Hmm... Kyo... Flo. Kyo... Flo. A solid name! Good choice then, Yuna." Yuna had to think, as Flo, she could've been a lot more in-your-face with the style of the city... that is if she already wasn't in-your-face to begin with due to her tomboy's attitude. Kyo continued- “How's about you, Stitch? Or rather... her Stitch?”

Stitch had to think a bit before landing a name that suited someone like... well, Stitch. He then got it- “Okitaka, okitaka! How 'bout Joker? Fits meega, ih?” Joker. The name hit Yuna and Kyozuki's heads and clicked, it fit the Experiment's sensationally well known mischief-making habits. Yuna snapped her fingers and said “Great then! From here on in, we are Flo and Joker!”, giving a positive nod after. Kyo then smirked- “Alrighty then! From now on, those are your  threads to keep, dude and dudette. Take good care of 'em!” Yuna and Stitch replied differently- “Wow, really? I get to keep the bubble hat too? Sweet!”, “Meega getting my own leather!? Oh, beautifa, ring meega up with that!”

Their happiness was cut down though. While they had the glee from Kyo's contribution to their ongoing wardrobes done, a loud screech seemed to cut into the room, affecting all sorts of technology around the house, not just in Kyo's room. The screens on televisions, microwaves, coffee pots and even Kyo's own Disney Mobile phone seemed to flicker and phase by this almost foreign screech. Everyone had to cover their ears from how deafening the noise was and even more, it wasn't just affecting Kyo's- oh no... it was affecting the entire city of Kamakura.

“Man... spoke too soon about being “sweet”! What the heck's that noise!?” Yuna shouted over the static noise that was being echoed. Kyo followed up on that as the Stitches pulled their ears around themselves to try and cut that noise out- “I don't know, but this definitely isn't anything I vetoed to listen to!”

Looking at Kyo's phone (as it was the among the Earth devices affected by this purge), the group looked to see a slender yet completely jilted figure with a large spire-like head appear to the fuzzy screen while the noise finally cut down, the small noise of TV static still remaining. This disfigured figure went on...

“Greetings citizens of your fellow Earth city... Something we've been keeping a fellow eye on has crashlanded into your area. A certain Experiment 626. Now what I ask is simple... I ask for you to deliver this genetic “mad scientist” abomination to me when we land prior to this. Forfeit this creature... and your precious planet will be spared. If you do not... then we will come and we will destroy each and every square inch of your area. You don't know what power we have to do this... but just remember and lest you never forget... we'll be watching you...”

After that, the entirety of Earth's devices and the noise seemed to quell back to the usual surroundings, even that of the Kamakuran city outside. The gang stood baffled as to what might have just happened. “Did... whoever that was just ask for Stitch?” Kyo said, his tone mixed up. Yuna nodded with a simple “Uh-huh...”, as she was just as confused.

Kyo's Stitch growled, as if he had seen that being before... but alas, what with crashlanding on Earth, his memory was still a little shaky. “Okay, okay, y'all calm down... that may've just been some on-air prankster trying to fool us all. Or maybe it's aliens Stitch knows, but for now, that loud racket is over with...” Kyo said, trying to at least quell the situation. “For how long though is the question...” Yuna asked, gripping one her hands into a fist, maintaining her tough attitude.

Luckily, there was something to deride the thought of an evildoer lurking someplace and somewhere. Afar, the sound of a door opened up near the front of the house, with a familiar voice calling to Kyo- “Hey Kyo! I'm home! You around the house, dude?” This sparked a panic with the teenager, him dashing in place- “AHH! Uhh, yeah, Uncle Haka, I'm home, but uhh, can you give me a sec!?” His panic also motioned for Yuna and Stitch to move too, as they started up in a similar panic.

The character only wittily chimed back- “Okay, a sec, now here I come...”, he chuckled. An olden figure wearing a muscle shirt, a straw hat and a pair of blue shorts looked into the room to see an awkward sight. Both Stitches were pushing at Kyo's legs. Yuna's sandal covered foot was being held onto by Kyo, dragging her leg with it. It looked as though Kyozuki was going to try and cram Yuna under the bed in a hiding attempt. And Kyo had only one thing to say about the situation- “Uhh, hey there, Uncle... how's it hanging?”

Uncle Haka looked on with a small pint of oddity. Until his usual grin took over. “Kyozuki, you didn't tell me we had company over!” Uncle said as he chuckled. “Especially famous company! I see twin sets of your idol Experiment 626! Oh yeah and his friend Yuna too, right?”

The team could not believe it. The eldest called Yuna and Stitch out easily, as all stared speechless. “Uhh... how did you know it was us so easily? Are our disguises that easy to read?” Yuna piped up. Haka shook his head again. “Oh, no, no, dear! Your outfits are top notch, Kyo definitely pitched in his five cents! It's just that... well... an Uncle knows these things! Anyways, you're welcome to stay here as long as you want! I can go set up an extra bed for you guys in Kyo's. Easy since we have the mattresses!”

Haka walked off down into the kitchen area, as the group stood. “Guess issa... what Kyo calls “easy breezy”, ih?” Kyo's Stitch piped up. With that, the group all nodded. “An Uncle knows these things... he always says that...” Kyo said, still baffled by Haka's intuition. As it seemed, Yuna was allowed to just be herself around the house, her own clothes and look and everything! Outside though, she and Stitch were to be known as Flo and Joker. A good plan, but just how was the parlor trick going to work out in Kamakura, one would ask? Time will tell...

 ♦ ♦ ♦  

What time didn't tell was that elsewhere in Kamakura, the city's busy lights and sights seemed to foretell another coming in out of the blue. It was just after the harbor's usual flash mob, a thing that wasn't particularly supported by a detective of the law in the city. But that's another story for a little later. For now, the rooftops of the city's skyscrapers housed an occurrence.

The top of a building lodged in the harbor's area soon had its peace and quiet challenged. A portal almost like a hole in space itself began to open up, as two very well-known figures stepped out, it dissipating behind them. Ones we would know well. The Astral Jumpers, Yai and Kyohaku Stitch. On the bright side, this time Yai wasn't punch-drunk on Xilxia, but with her very off beated mind, anything would've set her off...

“Well, well... seems like we've hit an Earth city this time...” Yai said with a dry tone. Kyohaku Stitch seemed to mutter after- “It was your idea, princess... naga remember? Tay said Kamakura, meega took us”, Yai looking back with a simple glare, not only caused by Kyohaku's mention of the nickname she hated so much, but by his very tone for that moment. “Well, I didn't ask to come here... even if I was inebriated at the time.”

Yai stared out at how the lights touched the ocean water near the harbor. Her golden eyes seemed reminded of something of a memory, and with her and Kyohaku's praddling on, not just now, but also alot of the other times they traveled together seemed to harken one of the oddest things to recall. We were about to learn something out of this mysterious girl from the looks of her.

“Kyohaku? ...Do you remember the first time we met? I personally don't wish to remember it, but... you probably know why” Yai said, closing her eyes, holding back something that seemed to give the young flaxen girl's mind a fair amount of painful recollection. Kyohaku Stitch nodded. “Ih, but why bringing that up? Meega thought tay naga wanted to revisit that?” he asked. Yai looked away at the lights painting the Kamakuran sea its many colors and started coldly- “I don't and I really have no reason... But how could I forget?” With that, Yaiko closed her eyes...

 ♦ ♦ ♦  

Colony A-113. Back when, it was a project ran by the Galactic Federation to try and uphold and maintain life over planet Opion in the Auros system without use of segregation or division. People could live in peace in these colonies. The colony, a cylinder-like craft contained matters of nature and several housing quarters for the many people aboard. There were even shops and a school for the younger children. The creation of technology known as Cosmos Cards also helped advance these planned colonies further.

Yaiko lived peacefully there with parents that were vaguely in her memory. Although she was lonely at the time, she was a much different girl compared to present day. She wasn't a sought after criminal. At 5-years-old, she was a girl who bluntly knew her place yet played her cards soundly. Her hair wasn't solidly locked into long yet thick ponytails. Back in those days, that freckled face of hers stared at the world a different way, her flaxen hair let free upon her person. And yes, that speck of hair was still there too. She housed many a crush towards a certain boy named Klaus and while not many liked her company due to how crabby she got, she did enjoy living on the colony...

That was until the one day A-113 was threatened. The day that the Leroys attacked. As it may be no doubt aware, Leroys, known as a doppelganger of Experiment 626 created to never be persuaded to good via a forced hand, were extinguished in a big fray involving Experiment kind on Hawaii... or so we had assumed.

On that day, everything had changed. The once peaceful communes of the colony soon met themselves with hell awakened. Fires ravaged as these red beasts flew from right to left, led by a much more powerful source. Whom though remained to be seen.

Yaiko, dressed in a white yet well-kept dress, ran and ran through the madness. The blaze and the chaos abound scared her to tears. She'd lived in peace up this point and there was no way out of the fires. However, her luck wasn't in her favor that day...

Her golden eyes met face to face with a Leroy staring her down savagely while the fires and devastation occurred. While she remained frozen as its multi-armed guise approached, she realized she had to run. Yai dashed, but she didn't get far as she tripped off of a rock nearby, leaving an extremely frightened girl in the hands of a red abomination. He raised his claws as the young girl had nowhere to run to, no time to get up to try and evade her fate. Yaiko screamed the loudest she ever could in her life. And all that was heard was the sound of what sounded like something cleaving flesh...

Minutes passed after and the devastation around the quite futuristic colony got progressively worse due to the Leroy scourge. But even moreso was Yai. On her right shoulder was a large collective wash of red. She wished she could have yelled, but with the blood on her back welling out, she wasn't able. She felt defeated as the pain seared, tears at her eyes as the pain didn't let up. It was like she was going to bleed out here on this day with no one around to help her...

However, while she wasn't lucky enough to have that gash on her back averted, she was lucky enough to have help. An older boy with set of yellow spiky hair ran up to Yai, his hair caught in a headband with a lightning design. He wore a white set of shorts and a shirt that gradiented from black to white below. Yai only knew this as one boy she knew and loved- Klaus.

“Yai! Oh God... you're bleeding out!!” Klaus said with a state of shock. Yai mustered a few words in her weak state- “Just... leave me, Klaus. If I have to die like this... I will...” Young Yaiko seemed about ready to give up. Klaus though, wasn't going to have that, as he ran off into a shop and carried out some medical gauze. It would've been classed as stealing if not for the current chaos that was happening aboard A-113.

Knowing time was of the essence, Klaus picked the pale girl up and wrapped the gauze around the big X-shaped and bloodied mark on her back, fitting it securely around as he carried her body forth towards a section of escape pods that were laden near the end of the community. Yai coughed- “Klaus... I thought I said to--”, her voice interrupting by a fit of more coughing. Klaus spoke up with a reassuring smile- “Don't worry about it, Yaiko... you're safe now.” Yai again, tried to talk. “You don't need to save me at all... Why are you doing this instead of saving yourself, Klaus?”

Klaus looked convincingly at Yai. “Because you're the most important thing on this colony. And you need to be saved. I'm... sorry”, he hesitated. Yai asked- “Why are you sorry?”, the pain on her back still not letting up.

Klaus then did something rather unexpected. He headbutted the young girl, knocking her out unconscious so she couldn't say a word or object any further. Her head drooped down as Klaus decided to carry her to the only working escape pod left in the colony that wasn't effectively damaged by the Leroy swarm as it stood nearby.

Setting her in and closing the pod's flap of a door, as well as programming the co-ordinates, he stood back, standing with a solemn smile. The pod quickly burst off into the synthetic skies above, carrying Yai away from the rising hellfire that became A-113. Klaus muttered something in his salute as he ran off, his duties done in saving the one person that mattered. Where was the pod headed? It was programmed for a desolate section of Opion... the Akostas Junkyard.

And then, as the pod escaped into the space surrounding Opion's atmosphere.. silence fell across the colony. And all that was left was a catastrophic supernova.

Now, hours had passed and Yai was finally waking up, realizing the surroundings of a pod around her. User-friendly controls and touchpads seemed to pop up along with a window on the cockpit that said “Warning! Front lobe has crashed! Please check your UGF Manual in order to proceed!”. The furious pain on her back hadn't let up, but one of her hands touched back to feel that her injury had been covered up by layers of gauze.

Realizing that Klaus actually did the deed, she blushed a bit before stepping out of the craft, albeit slowly as to not agitate her X-shaped wound on her back. Her white dress seemed stained with the color of red from the assault on A-113. She looked to find a junkyard around full of spacecraft parts and other intergalactic paraphernalia, recalling this as the planet Opion, or rather a desolate section of the planet to clarify.

More curious than that, however, was also a figure standing out in the distance, looking to have guarded the pod. A diminutive alien figure with a spiky hairdo and a misleading UGF uniform on his person. However, he was not so, as he was something called a Variated Experiment, a modified doppel of a heroic Experiment, albeit different. He spoke up. “Tay's finally awake, princess... enjoy your nap?” he said with smug detail.

Yai looked on, still naively confused by the whole thing. “Who... are you?” she asked. “Kyohaku Stitch... meega's a bounty hunter. That's all tay need to know. And all tay naga need to know is behind you.”

He hinted not to look behind Yaiko... but being rather curious, she looked behind only to find something that smashed her heart to pieces in the skies above.

Right at the orbit of Opion and at the corner of her eyes, burst aflame into pieces was her home. Colony A-113. Everyone she knew, everyone she loved or cared for was in there. And now, nothing could've been done to save them. What happened was the Leroys that attacked the place not only devastated everything in their way, but destroyed the plasmatroid battery that powered the station's core. With that gone, it triggered a supernova that completely eradicated everything.

Yai stood speechless, her emotions hit a peak. She felt as horrified and destroyed as the colony she had called home now as. Tears started to roll down the girl's face. And there was only one thing she called out to the heavens above.

“NO!! My-- my home, I-- I gotta go back up there, my life was up there!! No, no... ” she burst, her tears pouring out of her very being.

She tripped on junk and fell to her knees, the sadness hitting the girl as hard as ever. All she could do now was sit and weep her losses. The tears fell out in memorial for what she held dear- her friends, her family and even Klaus, all gone in a single superheated explosion caused by a swarm of red abominations. All she could really mutter was the repeated word of “no” in her tears for A-113... if not for the fact that Kyohaku was still there.

“Aww, boo-hoo... tay's home is long gone now. Been like that plasma mess for a good hour or two”, Kyohaku becked coldly to the girl. She looked up, giving just as equal an expression. “You say that as if it meant nothing to me. THAT COLONY WAS MY LIFE!! AND NOW IT'S UP IN FLAMES!! And you have the audacity to say... “BOO-HOO”!? How dare you!!” she snapped angrily. Obviously her sadness hadn't passed, but she was ready to fight this Kyohaku character just for the sheer fact he was being such a heartless person.

Kyohaku Stitch merely smirked at her flash of anger and was about to walk off. Yai sounded desperate- “Wait, where-- where are you going!?”, “Elsewhere. Meega got bigger fish to fry.”, “You can't just leave me here! I've got nowhere to go and I'm an orphan now, I just can't be left behind like this!!”

Kyohaku took one look at Yai yelling these words. The girl was scared. Hurt. Alone. Now even more than ever now that A-113 had been destroyed. “...And why should tay come with me? Meega naga want tay holding meega back, how 'bout that?!” Kyohaku's tone seemed apparent.

“I can help... I don't care in what way possible, I can help you.”

Yaiko made it quite clear. As she had no place to call home and nothing in her heart to care for now, she had to fill that void. Kyohaku merely chipped back at the girl- “Ask tay... what would tay do to help me? And who left you like this, hmm?”

It was at that moment something snapped in the young girl. That look of wonder in her eyes was gone now. It was as if she grew up in seconds. A cold look of anger on her face recalled just who left them behind as the Leroys attacked the place, who left everyone in the dark...

“Galactic Federation...”

She marched off through the junkyard, affirming this dark change to her heart. She picked up a twin set of hair cuffs, red and yellow in color and locked them around her hair, messing it up into what could be considered twin and bulky ponytails. She tinkered around with junk at the colony for a moment. Picking up a piece of a crown and what looked like part of a Cosmos Card reader for a spacecraft, she fashioned wires and a mechanical setup rather quickly into one whole piece and also applied other attributes to make it useful in the elements. How a young 5-year-old human's mind could work so fast was unbelievable.

Then at that moment, she laid five crystals in the device. It booted up, as her anger began to build up. That name that echoed in her head. “Galactic Federation... they left us there to die. They didn't do anything about the Leroys that so attacked our home... And they didn't do anything about the damage, like the so-called peacekeepers they are...” Kyohaku watched the young girl fumble around. However, with this shift in herself, he gazed with a wary eye.

She shoved a Cosmos Card she had kept for a long time into the device, her most prized possession her parents gave her- “Astral Knight Stitch”. With its entry into the device, it spawned up that very same futuristic glowing blue blade from the card's picture, a blade marked with that of the UGF's own symbol. It felt somewhat like treason wielding this. Gripping it tightly, she made one thing clear as Yai sent the blade down hard into the side of an abandoned spacecraft...

“Galactic Federation... YOU WILL BE NEXT FOR LEAVING US BEHIND!!” she screamed in a tearful rage, cutting through the wingspan of that very UGF craft like the Leroy would've her shoulder's healing wound. Her mind was made up, even if it was wrong. And it was at that moment, a moment filled with the coursing thoughts of revenge and pain over home, that the Astral Jumpers' namesake was born...

 ♦ ♦ ♦  

Yai left the cold feeling of that memory as she should have, back three years ago, back before the crimes and infamy of the Astral Jumpers skyrocketed. It wasn't a game anymore, it had evolved into something to show the Galactic Federation who was truly at fault. Who truly couldn't keep peace. Three whole years and back to tonight's reality. Over on the Kamakuran rooftop, our fair present day Yai used her Astral Knight's Blade from the Cosmos Card and struck it down on the roof... however, she wasn't slicing anything down to size these days in her 8-year-old life, at least anything that didn't get in her way. If it did, the difference was very sudden.

Caressing the aglow blade around in an arc, she drew something into the side of an exit door down to a complex below. When she was finished, Yai looked to Kyohaku Stitch- “Well, whaddaya think? Good work of art?”, “They'll naga know who was here...” the two snickered. “Now come on... we gotta leave before we're caught. After all, maybe we'll find something that'll help our precious Tri-Rune hunt out...” Yai urged, as the two leaped from roof to roof escaping from any authorities that would've dared catch them, intergalactic or let alone human.

The drawing Yaiko had made on the door as they left looked of broken Tantalog. It was an insignia slanted to the left upward, almost in a spike pattern. Yai had used this logo to tag places where the Astral Jumpers had been to, not caring if it defiled an area of perfection. However, the real question was the alien nature of the symbol she drew. Just how'd she found this symbol and whether it's stolen or not remains to be seen, but it may have been something close to the flaxen girl. Again, how remained to be seen.

After this, it seemed that Kamakura had become packed as the night rolled by. With Yuna and Kyo having met with their Stitches and now Yai and Kyohaku sneaking around the place like masterminds of their own craft, things were starting to get interesting. But how else will these souls cross? That's a good question...

Stitch Triverse - BOOK 1, Chapter 3
And here's where the story starts getting into PG territory. If you're a little squeamish over red substances, I would advise skipping a few parts of this, but if you can handle it, then read on. Stuff like this won't completely pervade the story regardless. Anyways, yes my friends! Chapter 3 of BOOK 1 of "Stitch Triverse" is finally here.

In this chapter, Yuna and Stitch try and hunker down in Kamakura, meeting a new pair of friends most surprising. At the same time, Penny and Jessica make an alliance and we dive deep into Yai's terrible past, the very thing that makes her do terrible things.

Now, Chapter 4, BOOK 1 may take a while to drop, due to my Triverse cover collaboration project I'm working out (with our first cover being BOOK 1), but I only hope you enjoy this one and expect the next in line for BOOK 1. Oh, and also, further chapters probably won't be as long as this one for a while... unless they have reason to. Anyways, haisai!


Hoorahs in order, Chapter 3, BOOK 1 of Stitch Triverse has been started tonight! 6 and a half pages into the next part. No direct drop date yet on the new chapter, but on the bright side, it's under work now while I also keep in touch about the BOOK 1 cover work as well.

Just wanted to say that out loud to fans on the wait, anyways, haisai! :D

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