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This is my gallery, right here. Here, you'll find several pics, be it posters or cross pictures and bold stories based off of several big Disney names! I'll always be busy at more, so take a look if ya wanna! Enjoy what you see... and/or read!

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These are my faves right here; an assortment of either comedic, powerful or even just plain fun pictures or stories made by my friends or made by grand artists! Enjoy them if you wanna as well!


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A show of hands, who would be interested in me posting up QR Codes for three "Stitch Triverse" oriented Mii for certain human characters? Think of it as an early holiday gift from moi to you all if so. Just holler if you want it, 'cuz I'd be happy to upload them if you're gonna use 'em well, like on Smash or Mario Kart or such. Haisai!

(P.S: "Super Smash Bros. for WiiU"... There are NO words to describe how AWESOME it is. Just... no words. Take it from me. ;) )
Forgot to add this, but I also... am surprised to see I'm on the road to 70k Pageviews. I'm at 68,595 views at the moment, but I'd like to thank everyone for adding to this. Whether it be someone peeking at my work or just the stroller by, I'm happy people are making that number boost. Thanks again, and I'll be sure to say this again once I actually reach the big number of 70,000. :)
I think "Big Hero 6" is starting to take over my Disney life here... and I'm perfectly OK with this. I didn't mention how good the film was for a week or two, but I will sum it up like this: BAYMAX BAYMAX BAYMAX BAY-- ...Ahem, it's better than "Frozen" in my eyes, and is a fantastic fusion of Japanese and American culture into a single place. It's also chocked up with emotion, it's probably one of the only Disney films around to tackle a theme like it ever since... well, I'd say "Lilo & Stitch". The only negative I can find is that the plot is a wee bit basic, only spiced up by brilliant character dev and writing. All in all, see it when you can! And for you UK folks, keep your patience up and see it in January. Also, stay after the credits... there's one of the best scenes ever in the film. ;)

Updating a bit, there's a bit of... secret stuff I'm working on here that'll be announced soon. I can't say what it is until officially put out there, but I can say I'm excited to work on it, as it'll make a fantastic use of my artistic powers. Keep an eye out, I'll be sure to post something up for the announcement (a FINISHED something at that, something I've in reserve)...

Also, "Super Smash Bros. for WiiU" drops this Friday... alongside Pokemon. Excitement's rising, but I won't get TOO much into that. You guys already know my hype's reached apexes far beyond what I can type here.

I'm also still on the search for a collaborator to work on the covers for my story "Stitch Triverse", BOOK 1 and its side project still unannounced. Mainly, I'm looking for a lineart artist to work on a background/character design perfect for the Disney aesthetic of both books. If any interested, do comment or note my way.

ON THAT SUBJECT! "Stitch Triverse" Chapter 3 has yet to be started due to my... secret works here. But do not fret, I will try to make sure it isn't such a long wait like the wait between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2... Seriously, 4 months? Phooey on that.

Also, a Happy Birthday to the leader of the club that's made for you and me, Mickey Mouse! 86 now from my hearing...

Again, don't have a "TUNE" this update either, but revel in this slight update for you folks... Haisai!
Chapter 2

Chitama Forest. A place known for its natural beauty. It was smack dab in the center of the island of Izayoi and was well-known for being the bridge to all sorts of places on the island- Tomo Lake, the Tsunagu River, the many caverns and woods about, the list would go on and on. Being near and dear to the town, one would expect this forest to be rather ordinary... but alas, that wasn't the case.

Out near the middle of the forest and where the marsh met the oceans nearby, there stood a gigantic stone ensnared by roots. At first sight, it was just a useless moss-covered stone. But to the islanders around, this was called the island “utaki” or island “place of spiritual belief”- which meant the islanders would come to wish and pray for well being in the hopes that spirits above would listen. This gave it the official dub of the Spiritual Stone. It was a monolith that exuded energy unlike anything seen. It was a source to many of the island's mysteries. It was used for purity and even craved for notoriety. And all in all, it was like the “heart” of the island due to its location.

The peace of this stone wasn't in vain though, as like every day, someone stepped up to give their own wish and prayer to the mythical Spiritual Stone of the island. But it wasn't your average anyone either.

“Oh, great Spiritual Stone...”

Standing before the Spiritual Stone, like any other day, was a young girl. She seemed tall for her age, and had tan skin to her. A round head and athletic physique also added, with eyes closed upon placing her hand on the stone. Her apparel was a nice red and yellow floral shirt, a pair of navy blue slacks that met to her knees, and a pair of red and yellow sandals with a heart emblem right at the junctions. More striking than all of this was her hair, two bangs that sat side by side her head and her ears and twin sets of triple pigtails caught in crystal blue braids added, an odd hairstyle, but on a Japanese island, it wasn't like there were any stranger out there. She continued with her wish despite nary any first impressions.

“I know I usually come with a wish, but today I wanted to switch things up. Sometimes I have to wonder... if there exists other places out there. My friend Stitch'd know just what I'm talking about. And my mind's on those who really live out there, breathe out there”, her hand slowly tread downward across the stone.

“I hope it isn't too much of me to wish... that someday that I get to see those worlds. Land. Sea. Sky. Whatever it may be.” Her hand kept straightly on there, a sense of bravery reaffirmed. “And as always... if that can't be done, I still hope you can keep my Daddy safe... so he can come home to me and Gram. Especially for that BIG Aguni Island trip he's taking me and Stitch on.”

The girl took her hand off the stone and stood back, opening her brown eyes. “Just... you didn't hear that from my lips, Spiritual Stone. But... If you could... Thanks.” She gave a smile that not only seemed sincere, but seemed as if to cover the girl's own sentiments and care. Only one type of girl would try and be so rebellious yet adventurous. A tomboy.

And that's just who it was. The girl's name was Yuna Kamihara, a 10-year-old with a rough and tough attitude... but remained sweet and able for those around her as well. A tomboy in all aspects, she was known around Izayoi Island for her knowledge as a blackbelt and owner of the Chitama dojo in the martial art of karate (having taken over the role due to her grandfather's passing). She also was known for following mysterious spirits on the isle, much akin to her grandmother.

Yuna looked up at the stone after her wishery to find that the Spiritual Stone had given an afterglow... a faint aquamarine afterglow. To an experienced eye in spiritual signals, this'd imply that the spirits above the skies would've been pleased as punch to hear your wishes. And one would have to be of kind heart and not of selfish mind in order for the spirits to keep your wish alight without it burning out.

Speaking of mysterious spirits, beings unlike any animal seen before watched her from atop the forest's trees. Blob-like creatures with leaves atop their heads. Eyeballs with anthropomorphic features. Floating fireballs with faces. These only fit some of the bill of whom were watching, as any rational person would scream at the sight of these weirdos. The on-lookers were some of the island's “yokai”. These creatures were legendary- embodying elements of some kind, causing mischief for others or even moreso, are just lost spirits whom require a helping hand. Yuna herself has met many of these and even befriended them in previous experiences. But this wasn't the only being she was friends with- human or yokai alike, as the serene grace of the island winds in the forest and the glow of the Spiritual Stone was to have another visitor... another friend...

“Oh, Yuna! Yuna? Olly olly oxen free!? Gaba tay!?”

The being that marched and shouted through the forest greens was a buggy voice, one that seemed like it was still learning the native tongue of Earth. He was a fair blue creature, with notched ears, a mix of blue and light blue furs and a simply bug-eyed expression that gave the look of a disfigured dog who may have been run over one too many times with a truck. Yet as mean as that sounded, it was factoid that this look wasn't mere coincidence. The girl recognized the voice a mile away though:

“Huh? Oh, hey Stitch! What's up?”

What Yuna said seemed true. This blue marvel was Stitch, the beloved Experiment 626 created by mastermind Dr. Jumba Jookiba, self-proclaimed “evil genius” and the very creator of over 600 various genetic Experiments. Stitch was created for nothing but evil, nothing but destruction... but it took the actions and love of a single human girl named Lilo in Hawaii to change things. Nowadays, Stitch's home is here on Izayoi Island, living with Yuna, the one who keeps Stitch on the lease of good, and her grandmother. Let's not get into the details...

“Issa done tay's Stone small-talk today?” Stitch gave a shifty-eyed look. Yuna, hiding the fact of her Dad well, chimed back- “Duh! I was wishing to be the best in karate! Like always!”

Stitch could have easily read Yuna's reaction as a guise to cover her butt, since even he knew how much she missed her father. However, not today, as he realized something going down. “Ah- never mind about Daddy Dearest! Meega rushed by to tell tay, something big issa going down in Chitama Town! Everyone's there- even Penny in her ugliest dress! Bleck!” Stitch droned.

Yuna didn't look all too impressed at the mention of a girl named Penny. “Really? You came all this way to tell me Penny's in town square?” Yuna guffawed. “What's she doing, flaunting that so-called “wonderfulness” again?”

Stitch corrected with that usual alien tone of his. “Naga, naga... she's welcoming? Something about new townsfolk?”

Yuna's eyes widened a bit with a slight gasp. “Oh man!! Today's the day those new townsfolk move in, don't they? The ones that Penny's Dad has been squabbling on about for the last week or so!”

Stitch's nod only confirmed things were just as he said, something BIG was indeed happening in Chitama Town. Yuna bucked up and nodded confidently, as if taking on a challenge of some kind. “Right! Then let's jet our way to town, right?”, Stitch replying with a simple “Ih, maka maka!”

With that, the duo of red and blue dashed off out of the forest. What they didn't catch was one of the yokai in the trees, one with a leaf atop its head known as a simple “kodama”, waving at Yuna as she left. While unnoticed, the thought counted, right?

However, Yuna's leave throughout the trees and greens of Chitama Forest wasn't without a thought in her mind... a thought of something else, a certain trip again-

“I can't wait... Dad's supposed to be messaging me back soon about our trek to the legendary Aguni Island! Man oh man, it's exciting! We could go harpoon fishing, or I could show Daddy how to bust up some sweet sugarcane, or, or-- Darn it, I can't sum up everything into words!!”

The excitement seemed to only add to whatever excitement was coming into town... speaking of, just what was going on in town that left such a buzz abound?

♦ ♦ ♦

Chitama Town was always the center of attention on Izayoi Island. It was a market square, straight to the point. Grocery markets, electronics shops, even clothing, trinkets and other goods were sold here. And all from the best island materials out there, from the strongest fabrics to the freshest fields of corn or the tastiest milk to come from cows on the isle. But the porpoise adorned “Welcome” sign wasn't just a place that signed Chitama Town territory, it was actually a lot more... welcoming today, no pun intended.

The front of the town was all dressed up with a stage platform and a bunch of fancy decorations. Carpets and even polished drapes to boot. Before this rather glorious stage in front of the “Welcome” sign, alot of the islanders stood, young and old. Their confusion seemed on high, as even they didn't know what was so important about today.

“Well, color me surprised... I don't know why this fancy free event was planned!”, one of the fish vendors quipped. “Wasn't there murmur of new people moving in, perhaps? I swear, I heard that in the grapevine!”, another vendor added, a woman bread vendor. More and more added to the commotion.

As if on cue, Yuna and Stitch ran right up to the event, spotting two people in the back that they knew off by heart. “Taro, Sae! Hey there!”, “Aloha, guys!”

The two people Yuna called out to were friends of hers, easily identifiable from their own ways. The first was Taro, a young boy with a bowl-like dark blue haircut (with one hair sticking right up), and a simple attire of a beige shirt over a light blue top, turquoise shorts and a pair of baby blue shoes. He also had a rather geeky pair of glasses over his grey eyes. To call him geeky would've been an understatement, but he has his moments, especially given the fact Yuna is his dojomate and sensei.

But the other, Sae (or as her name suggests, Sasha), was a girly girl with rouge brown and messy hair, a pair of beady lashy purple eyes, and a skirt and shirt attire that seemed alike that of a sailor in sense, frilly skirt aside. She was always the fashion freak of the group and moreso, Yuna's better friend. One would never truly believe that a tomboy and a girly girl could be besties, especially with the clash of personalities... but this is actually true between Yuna and Sae.

Nonetheless, Sae took notice and waved to Yuna as the two walked up to the commotion going on forward with the stage. “Oh, hi there Yuna!”, Sae gladly said, with Taro following shyly, “Oh... H-- Hey there Yuna...”

Yuna questioned the rather popular look of the front of the town easily. “Hey, why's the town in such a dilly-dally mood right now? And why the big stage? Stitch being congratulated again for stopping that shark attack coming for Suzuki the other day?”, to which Stitch shrugged after.

Sae shook her head, “Nope. We actually haven't gotten anything out of Penny or her Dad why this big stage is here.”- Taro quipped in shyly with his usually wheezy voice, “I heard that it's because of some big important new townsperson moving in.”

Yuna nodded with Stitch following her lead, “Yeah, I heard that too! Though, if it is for new townsfolk... don't they think they overdid it a bit too much?”- Stitch had also put his piece in right after Yuna did, “Ih, especially with the red carpet. Izayoi's naga no Hollywood.”

Before Yuna or the rest of her friends could even make any other judge, a voice called out from the top of the stage... one that Yuna didn't quite wanna hear today or any day for that matter.

“Ladies and gentlemen! And blue freaks, of course...”

All eyes were up on the stage platform to see that a rather fluffy-haired blonde girl had taken to the stage with her balding father, the Mayor of Chitama Town. The girl had a puffy hairstyle with a pink ribbon tied in it. But unlike her usual guise, she had a stellar pink dress with black ribbons and a pair of high heels, much unlike any of the young souls on the island. An attire like she sported would've cost hundreds and hundreds of yen to get.

This... was Penny. Penny is known as the richest girl on Izayoi Island due to her relation to her “Daddy”, the Mayor of Chitama Town, a pudgy and balding man with a fan and classy complex. She also had a relation to her brother Kenny, a taller and older bully whom, alongside his own friends, is used as servants for the young blonde terror. While Penny always liked flaunting her belongings, riches and pride to other girls, there was one such girl who never bought into that and fought constantly with her- Yuna. No matter what, Yuna, Stitch and Penny never have and never will get along, and that goes double for her brother and company too. It's the struggle of a stubborn spoilt brat between that of a tomboy and her best friend, “the stray alien from the forest”.

“Welcome to the Izayoi Island Welcoming Committee for the Trio of New Islanders!” Penny said, laughing with zeal. It wasn't REAL zeal though, Yuna looked at her with a raise of her eyebrow, nudging an angry Stitch nearby after the “blue freaks” comment, whispering “Stitch, chill... you'll get your chance later!”- “Now, this whole thing wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for my Daddy arranging this wonderful event... isn't that right?”, her father replying with a simple “Mm-hmm...”

“So before we begin this event, I'd like to say that we all give our new islanders a big warm welcome as we call them up here bit by bit! It's not called island unity without the unity!”, Penny again, laughing as though hiding a simple hatred. The rest of the islanders clapped, even Yuna (appearing to be nice), as she muttered quietly to herself “Yeah, island unity from you, my butt...”, spotting the hypocrisy in Penny's tone. Stitch couldn't help but snicker at her comment.

“Right! So... first up, we have an islander who comes from Osaka. They came from far ways to be here, so give it up for... Jenna?”, she stopped, checking in with her father, “Yeah, that's her name!”, as Penny waved forward a new girl to the island. Her dark skin and afro seemed to be the biggest clicks as every one of the Izayoi islanders could see that pint of Osaka style, from the heart-emblemed belt she wore to the green eyes of hers.

“Yo! Name's Jenna, from the old-school Osaka place to you guys on Izayoi! Boy, am I glad to set up base here!”

...Silence fell. Penny's eyes twitched from her stand, she was beginning to think Jenna was already a mistake to add to the island. The islanders around were varied between smiles and grins to make her feel welcome to unsure expressions. Sae and Taro could only grimace a smile at the weird lingo she was spewing. “You heard that, right Taro?”, “How could I not? That... 70s terms?”- while Yuna was a little more accepting- “Well, at least she's got a charm behind the out-of-date terminology, right? I think?”, giggling afterwards.

“Thanks, y'all!”, Jenna walked off the stage, as Penny walked back on, scratching her head in confusion and even badgering her “Daddy”- “Well... that was Jenna. You sure that was the first islander, Daddy?”, her father happily nodding without delay with an “Mmm-hmm...”, much to her daughter's disgust. But she moved on regardless.

“O-- Our second islanders come from Hong Kong, another longer ways, right?”- After Penny said this, Yuna instantly perked up, getting an idea as to who it might've been. “Hold up! Hong Kong?!”, she said. She and her... goat... freak... have come in with her family via a job transfer. Give it up... for Yoko?”, again stopping to check with her father before nodding and snending the duo up on the stage. Climbing up, the blue-haired Yoko and the equally as magenta Milston looked of a different style to that of the islanders, but this was obviously city style standing out. However, Yuna and Stitch especially were excited from these names. Did they know them from somewhere?

Yoko started as she stood on the stage, “Hi everyone! My name's Yoko! And this little guy's Milston!”, “Keh!”, “And we're SO pleased to be on Izayoi Island with you guys. Being from Hong Kong, we've got a bit of cutesy city style to bring with us, so don't hesitate to chat it up with us! After all...”, Yoko followed up with fold of her hands and a sparkling of her eyes, “Would I lie?”

Penny again looked horrified at this, as she thought "Really!? What's with all the freaks moving here? Why is it that nobody NORMAL is moving to Izayoi instead of more friends who'll likely go with Yuna and her blue freak!? And what's with her pink lamb!? Is that one of Stitch's stupid cousins?"-

Now, the islanders actually clapped at her, with one of the vendors saying “She's actually pretty cute for someone fresh from Hong Kong!”, “I concur!” another one slated back. Suddenly, surprising to the other islanders around, Yuna and Stitch popped up and yelled out to Yoko and Milston “Yoko, Milston, let's go!! Whoop whoop!!” in chanting way, helping the audience effect that much more.

As a matter of fact, Yoko and Yuna did know eachother before. A long while back, Yuna took a trip with her grandmother Obaa to Hong Kong, where Yuna made friends with Yoko here. After a conundrum involving an Experiment in the city, it was ultimately decided that Yoko look after Milston as Yuna and the others headed back to their island home. It's been a bit of time since, but one would imagine the duo seeing the opposite duo left some big rekindling on the both of them.

As Yoko waved at Yuna with a giddish glee and stepped down with her pal Milston atop her head, Penny still looked mortified. Both of the recent islanders she brought up to the stage had something terribly wrong with them. Or at least, in her expectations (which were shallow per the norm for her), they were “terribly wrong”.

Penny shook off that feeling though, about to move ahead. Yuna and Stitch on the other hand, looked as though they had to book it. “I'd love to stay and see who the last newbie to town is, but I gotta go. Dojo practice calls and then we gotta snag some flowers for Gram for a soup she's making!”, Yuna stated to Sae and Taro. “Well, OK, we'll let you know how it turns out!”, Sae said reassuring Yuna. “Right, later!”, “Aloha!”, Yuna and Stitch gave their leave as they ran nearby the wayside of the forest, taking a shortcut to where Yuna's Chitama dojo laid...

Good thing they backed out though, as Penny seemed to drone on and on about this next townsfolk- “So, our next and last of our newbie comes from New Town over the shores... she's super rich, super popular and maybe a bit tacky to add to our town given yours truly. Please welcome...”, Penny checked in with her Dad again, “Jessica, right?”, following with another nod and a repeat of her name.

One look at the girl stepping on stage now and the islanders knew... even Penny, that they had another rich rival to stomach. Penny was bad enough, but now this caramel-haired girl seemed to only add to the problem. Her purple and lashy eyes opened up to the audience and she started her spiel with her infamous maribelle accent.

“Well, you must be the islanders I'll come to know here on Izayoi, hmm? Well, I suggest you don't get tired of me, 'cuz we'll roll along just fine, right?”, she finished with a laugh.

Awkward wouldn't even begin to describe the feeling that pun of hers left.  The occasional groan, silence and cough all followed, with every islander, young and old baffled at how bad her pun was. Even Penny, the usual island show-off, gave a sinking look at that. “...She's got a lot to work on before she settles in”. She was right too, her New Town mannerisms just stuck out like a sore thumb already.

Jenna. Yoko. Jessica. The three new faces that would see action in the island were now put forward to the Chitama Town faces. Some were welcomed, some may need some work. However, island life only seems to go forward, not backward, as Yuna and Stitch seemed out and about for the rest of the day and the new islanders getting settled in... however, just how would newbies like them settle in?

 ♦ ♦ ♦  

While the rest of the day's events seemed to play out, elsewhere in the galaxies above, the Auros Galaxy housed a planet called Opion. Opion was basically a metropolis of fantastic alien and human life merged together, all spread through cityscapes of towering and rounded towers and buildings within a purple Earth-like look from outer space. It was like a  wave of white chrome throughout, highway hoops and even interstellar drive included. Not only that, but Opion was under the control of the powerful Galactic Federation, the universal organization that keeps the galaxy and its planets under control. No war, no casualties, zilch, zip, nada.

However, on Opion, there was always a place around the bend. A shop? Check. A line of spacecraft dealerships? Even more check. What about a space bar though? Check too. The most famous of all these space bars in Opion's cities was one called Gallasia Grano, an Italian name translating literally out to “galactic grub”. Classy, right? Tens of tens of alien life all sat and clinked their glasses and plates of nourishment in here. Yet inside of this small bar, someone sat inside whom we're putting a spotlight on...

A multi-tentacled purple waiter, species Oplaan, wafted his way up to a hooded being. Surprise, surprise, with a simple mahogany sweater hood covering her hairstyle and her face, it was none other than our fair Yaiko. Oddly, one would never expect an 8-year-old like her to drink, but alas, there were non-alcoholic alternatives in the galaxies, correct?

“Ab chooka bal maru ba? Baku ba?”, the waiter bubbled out of his own alien tongue. Yai merely spat back “Give me your finest Xilxia juice. Extra strong”. The alien waiter merely wiggled and jiggled away for a mere moment while the young Astral Jumper kept her thoughts to herself, her thoughts matching a television monitor with the news in the room...

“All Galactic Federation controlled patrols, be advised to keep an eye on Auros planet Zurina. As of recently, a number of strange occurences have rendered the vista city into ruins. The shambles and how they happened are unknown, but many have allegedly pointed fingers at the powerful Astral Jumpers in the Auros parts. Please, if you do have any whereabouts or information on who did this heinous act on Zurina, contact your local Galactic Federation operative.”

The Oplaan waiter came back and slapped a glass with a red liquid on the table. “Babucha”, he walked afterwards to his next customer as Yai left a few coins of Space Credits on the table. Yai instantly took to gulping down the red Xilxia Juice by the mouthful, like she was familiar with the beverage. She set down the glass half-full, but already she looked red in the face.

Now, the funny thing about Xilxia Juice... The beverage isn't alcoholic in the slightest, in fact, all it is is an alien mix of cherry soda and citrus extracts. But leave in the big factor: ALIEN. Because of its alien origin, human beings who take a drink of Xilxia Juice come off as... well...

Yai belched obnoxiously and gave a few words that seemed to break many a perception on her- “I... guh... I shoulda known it was trouble when you came into this room, you...”, she giggled following. It seems the serious youngster you'd think would've mouthed off at you if you so didn't do what she said or would've been known for notorious thoughts just... up and left her mind.

Yes. Xilxia Juice on human beings makes them literally drunk. Not harmful or damaging to the human nervous system or brain, but inebreating in a non-alcoholic way.

Yai couldn't stop at one swig of the stuff though. Xilxia Juice was something Kyohaku Stitch got her into since their world jumping began. So she chugged the rest down, leaving but an empty glass behind. The poor girl looked flushed red in the face more than before, literally driven silly by the red drink she had guzzled down. Guess you could say she couldn't hold her Xilxia?

“Man, Klaus... when did you walk into here from out of nowhere looking...” She hiccupped and finished her sentence after, “” Yai followed. She had to have been seeing things so much so that her hood actually fell off her head, revealing the easily recognizable face and hairstyle that the galaxies around had learned to despise infamously. Not exactly the best place for that, being public.

“HEY!! IT'S HER!!”

One of the aliens cried, a crustacean-looking one and his blob-like partner stared her down, more and more of the various alien life joined in. A Quartexian. Puyolan. Even a Kweltikwan rogue to the area.

“That's one of those doggone Astral Jumpers!! We just gonna let her use the Opion facilities so easily!?”, “NO! HECK TO THE NO!!”, “I think she even stole one of my Space Credits on the way in!”, “Ab chooa!?”, “You're not ruining things here, you monstrous human spawn!”, “Blubooblu!” Yaiko instantly clocked into the fact she wasn't welcome here, even with the Xilxia Juice clouding her judgment. “And how 'bout tha-- ...Oh”, her voice jumping pitches higher after realizing, “...Mother!”

Instantly, a barside brawl unleashed as two brutes ran for her, as she ducked and bolted for the door, knocking a coin out of her sweater that flew right into a nearby jukebox. And as it flew in, the record locked in with a rockabilly jam that instantly started up with a chorus easily recognizable to the ears:

“Well, a hard-headed woman! A soft-hearted man! Been the cause of trouble ever since the world began...”

The Kweltikwan lunged for her, with the diminutive Astral Jumper leaping out of the way and causing the alien being to fling into a table nearby. Two other tiny terrestrials flung ink her way, and she dodged, splattering into plates of rather undescribeable foods. “I'll catch her and get the millions of Space Credits as reward!”, the crustacean cried as he swung at her and tripped up on a set of coasters flung his way. “Does she even have a reward?!”, another Kweltikwan yelled. “OF COURSE!! GAAAH!!”, the crustacean continued as more and more of the alien life inside began brawling against each other rather than chasing after the drunken Yai. It was as if the word chaos walked into a bar. Literally.

Eventually and after a lot of misses for the other extra-terrestrials, Yai ran out of the messy rockabilly bar fight that was out to capture Astral Jumper blood and called into the red jewel: “Hey, Kyo-- Mmgh! Kyohaku!? We need to get out of here! Buncha meanies are after us...”, stopping to cover a belch that almost made Yaiko hurl.

From behind a spacecraft nearby, Kyohaku Stitch came out with a flip, looking at her red-faced condition. “Oh, naga takabah, Yai... Xilxia Juice!?”, “Hey, you be quiet... You-- ...I'll have you know I spent those Credits wisely...”, she followed with yet another belch that was quite unusual for her. If class was in her name before, this was indeed the result of letting a Jumper get drunk on alcohol-free space drinks.

Kyohaku retorted “Ih, wise use of Credits... now, we need to get out of here before tay and meega get slammed up in UGF prison! Naga going to clink!”, Yai also chiming and repeating what he said with a “Yeah, naga going to... clink... Huuuh...”

Kyohaku Stitch grabbed Yai's punch-drunk hand and ran before anything worse could come to Galassia Grano or the blocks surrounding the Opion city. He asked, “Yai, quick, come up with a world as soon as possible, takka!”- Yai drunkenly thought of paradise and the words slipped right out... if they could be called words- “Uhh... what about Kama-- kur--- huh?”, “Kamakura! Genius choice, princess!” Kyohaku graced with a reply, following with a weak slap from Yai after, her following with the trademark “Don't... call me... princess...”, giggling and snorting to herself after saying such a thing.

After a quick few button taps and reconfiguring, Kyohaku Stitch opened his prototype claw into space to open a singularity elsewhere to where Yai had... well, “said” before, Kamakura.

Without even a word, Kyohaku Stitch said “Next time, naga any Xilxia Juice for you...” and leapt into the gateway, Yai goofily yelling “Sayonara!” afterwards as the galactic portal vanished. The two Astral Jumpers left disaster as they had known it, even learning never to trust Yaiko with a simple drink of red Xilxia. At least she didn't drop her Tri-Rune there. But the real question was Kamakura... why does that sound so familiar?

♦ ♦ ♦

The day after the islanders' welcome seemed to be met with much hype from Yuna and Stitch, mainly 'cuz Yuna heard today was the day her Dad would give her the A-OK for their big Aguni Island trip. Yuna woke up that morning like usual, but albeit with a lot more... excitement. “G'morning!”, she chimed, leaping out of her usual conch shell adorned bed donning her usual pink nightdress, tiny ribbons at her shoulders. Stitch did similar, but leapt from the couch, because the last time he slept with Yuna, her habit of sound sleep karate sent him tumbling...

Yuna slid open the door to her room and looked about left to right. Seems as though Obaa had left out. The smell of fresh onigiri wafted through the Kamihara household. “Naga anyone home?”, “Yeah, Gram's out unusually early today... Whatever, leaves us with some dee-lish onigiri” Yuna shrugged, pegging it off as a usual grocery run for the eldest woman.

After getting dressed into her usual outfit (the floral shirt and navy blue slacks she would always don) and grabbing a few onigiri for herself and Stitch (moreso for Stitch), the first thing she ran to was her Good Deed Memory, the blue wave themed device sitting on Yuna's table in her room. Stitch, as curious as a mischief making alien would be, wanted into what Yuna was checking, but she just as quickly vaulted a hand over him, pushing him back as she tapped the usual buttons on the device.

A chime on the device and a pop-up later, Yuna's heart raced. “You have 1 NEW message!”, the device stated in kanji. “Oh man! Don't tell me, it's--”, she said as she raced to her inbox on the Memory-

And there it was, clear as day, DAD. He kept to his promise! Oh boy, oh boy! “It's the moment of truth, Stitch! Aguni Island, here we come!”, she yelled with joy as she opened up the message. However, as soon as she read “Dear Yuna”, that look of excitement changed quickly to a look of disappointment.

“Dear Yuna,
I know you and I were supposed to go on a wonderful trip to Aguni soon. But Daddy's found some new species of seahorse off the course of Yonaguni nearby the undersea ruins there, a species that could make history. You know the place, the one that appears in all sorts of Okinawan textbooks? Anyways, I'm so sorry, sweetheart... I hope you can forgive me. Maybe next time, you can choose the place to go? Nonetheless, I only hope things are good for you and Stitch on the island.
Best wishes,
Love, Dad. <3”

Yuna sat down after with a rather sad look on her face. Stitch, looking on as Yuna's grip on him faltered wondered what was up. “Yuna?”, Stitch asked. “We're not going to Aguni... Dad's canceled on us. Like always”, Yuna said bluntly. “Aw, Yuna, naga say tha--”, “Naga say what? That Daddy never keeps his promises!? I'd love to lie and say no, but we've been planning this for a while and now he ups and leaves for some stinking seahorses!” Yuna buried her head in her arms after. “Let's face it. My Dad loves his job over me, his own daughter...” Yuna sounded defeated. Guess Dad didn't keep his promise...

Stitch didn't know what to say after that. But as quickly as she was disappointed, Yuna stood up afterwards, her hands balled up into fists. “Stitch? Do you know if Jumba's invented something for teleporting?” she said bluntly. Stitch started up, he knew what Yuna was planning- “Aw, no, naga takabah, Yuna! Naga using Jumba's inventions to cheat way around disappointment! Issa naga good idea”.

Yuna blurted back in an angry tone “I don't care! If Dad's just gonna cancel on me, why do I have to suffer for it? Jumba has to have something for us! He just has to!”- Stitch looked rather scared at this. Yuna was so mad at her Dad and the situation she hyped up so much that she was gonna actually use one of Jumba's inventions to cover her disappointment? Clearly she must not have been thinking straight!

♦ ♦ ♦

Yuna kept marching along as Stitch did his best to try and stop her, her orange backpack at her back, gecko and water bottle at its side. Tugging on her arm, pulling her leg, anything to stop her from getting to Jumba's and making a decision she's probably going to regret as she made it halfway through Chitama Forest.

“Yuna, naga worry about it! Meega and tay can just have fun on island! Maybe yokai hunt? Fishing? Beach trip? Issa could laugh at meega's surfing wipe-outs! Or, or, Kijimunaa! He could help, akaba!” Stitch said, trying to crack the hard head of the young tomboy. However, her angry look stayed as she walked, ignoring Stitch's pleas completely.

One more grapple at Yuna's leg Stitch tried, “C'mon, Yuna, just give it up”. Yuna then snapped back and bumped Stitch off her leg with but a tomboy's anger, “Stitch, just stop it! Don't tell me you're not disappointed by this too, 'cuz you'd be lying!” “Yuna, meega am! But naga need to just do something drastic just 'cuz ohana was naga there! Issa too little too late!” retorted Stitch. Yuna simply shook her head and gave a firm “Hmph!” as she walked off, Stitch chasing her again.

Yuna's rage seemed to carry on well up to the patio of Jumba's up ahead. The tall traditional Japanese building sat with its log seats and table out in front. Nobody was nearby it either to add to it. Stitch just wouldn't quit as Yuna marched into the wooden interiors of the “evil genius” patio. However, Stitch couldn't help but notice a letter tacked on the side of the entrance. “Ooo?”, Stitch said grabbing it.

“To little girl and 626,
Take 'evil genius' advice and please do not be toying around upstairs. Interstellar teleporter is on fritz and under electrical tinkering that needs to be done. Me and Pleakley are on run to Turo to gather some chemicals for new experiment of mine, so do not disturb!
Thanks, Jumba”

Do not disturb, it read. Interstellar teleporter on the fritz, it read. And even worse, Yuna was headed for that lab of Jumba's. Stitch's alien eyes widened. “YUNA!”, he yelled, running upstairs.

Now, the insides of the lab were just as you'd expect from an alien scientist. Spark conducters near the window. A heart-shaped computer system. And in the corner, a teleporter of some type. And several other unfinished or tinkered-on projects and chemicals in the office made Jumba's laboratory. Yuna looked about, plotting. “Now, if I were an invention to take us to a different place in the world, where would I be?”

Stitch dashed into the room, yelling “YUNA, NAGA TOUCH ANYTHING!!”, pushing her down. However, they made a grave mistake in  that push. Yuna and Stitch, upon landing were right on top of the teleporter's base and the cords leading to it. Yuna jolted back at Stitch “I've had enough of this game, Stitch! Sto-- huh?”-

Her ears, along with Stitch's picked up on a terrible noise. Crackling of some kind. Sparks also flew. And even moreso, the sound of something booting up. Yuna's eyes shifted below to find the green base of Jumba's teleporter booting up, as herself and Stitch began to levitate up into the air. “Uhh, the teleporter shouldn't be acting like this, shouldn't it Stitch!?”, “This is exactly what meega was trying to prevent!!”

Yuna and Stitch tried running out in their floating way, but their movements only looked to run in place rather than carry them forward, with Yuna flipping backward instead. A few more crackles of electricity in Jumba's lab later jolted the control panel of the interstellar teleporter nearby, intercepting it with random co-ordinates and even moreso, seemingly overloading the panel. Stitch looked shocked at this- “Naga takabah!”, “You're telling me!” the two stated.

A moment later, Yuna and Stitch's glowing forms began to glow white. Meaning they were about to be sent someplace... Yuna yelled out as Stitch clinged onto her arm “Jane, Jumba, anyone- stop this crazy thing!!”

But it was too late. A second later, the tomboy and the mischievous alien vanished in a bright light, the machine powering down. An electrical phenomena had caused the interstellar teleporter in Jumba's lab to go haywire and take "little girl and 626" somewhere rather shakily. Sometimes, a person's anger can take them to bad places and this was no different. The real question was just where would they end up? Could they be in the universe? Or could they have ended up somewhere else completely?

♦ ♦ ♦

The feeling of cold concrete was what followed after the flash of light. A pair of brown eyes opened up to see the stone before her. Yuna woke up first, laid overtop of Stitch. Rubbing her eyes and stretching after the terrible tumble, she rose up with a groan. “Ow... what trampled over us?”, she said, as Stitch got up, his ears perking and him following in a similar suit as Yuna did.

Stitch asked “Yuna, tay okitaka?”- Yuna giving a nod to say she was OK after the tumbling trip they had taken. “Yeah, I'm fine... but...”, she sniffed. Where they landed smelt terribly of garbage, sewage and more. “Ugh, guh-ross!”, she said plugging her nose. “Wherever we landed sure stinks!”
Stitch smelt it too, covering his big nose as well with a vigorous nod. “Just where issa this place?”

Yuna and Stitch looked forward to find that this concrete place was actually an alleyway, a damp, smelly and gross alleyway, but one nonetheless. The skies' sun seemed shaded out from here, but farther off, the bright light of a sunny day lied ahead. Yuna looked to Stitch and said with a rather nasally voice “Looks like there's a lot more light up ahead. We good for it?”- Stitch nodded and said “Anything's better than trash, ragga snabba...”

Yuna and Stitch quickly dashed out, holding their breath of the nasty smells of the alley. Any more and they probably would've hurled. Heck, anyone would've. Upon leaving the alley, the two let out slight gasps, breathing in some fresh air that wasn't tainted by the smell of complete trash. “Ah... thank goodness for fresh air...” Yuna said. However, after, Yuna jumped back with a yell, looking at the environments around. Stitch looked at her with confusion. “Yuna? Tay okitaka?”, “Stitch, don't you have eyes!? It's right in front of us!”- Stitch looked forward and his look matched the same shocker as Yuna's.

Right in front of them lied city streets. Cars did their usual dance, giant buildings and shops took far and wide and people waltzed to and fro from their locations. But that wasn't what shocked Yuna and Stitch. Right in front of them was a myriad of posters, billboards and such featuring, get this, Stitch himself! Not just that, but several a storefront had figurines and plushies of many of Experiment 626's friends on display. Along with all the real-life referendum, your usual Coca-Cola sign or Sapporo sign, many a Japanese CD advert or fashion flyers, so forth, this city towered over our heroes. This was what surprised Yuna and Stitch, because the mere thought of Stitch being THIS big someplace had to have been crazy. In fact, as crazy as reality.

Yuna swallowed her gawking expression and looked at her Good Deed Memory. “M-- Maybe my Memory'll be able to flash some light on this... wherever we are”, Yuna stated with a tinge of unease. She looked to find that her Good Deed Memory's GPS couldn't pinpoint where in the world they were, coming up with a picture of Yuna's head with a frown and a question mark. Stitch looked on and caught this, “Naga sure?!”

Yuna gulped and looked up at the cityscape ahead of her. She realized, yes, it was her fault they got here, but at the same time, she stood in awe at this new place. Stitch looked at Yuna with confusion and a raised brow of where they were, as all Yuna could muster was “Toto, I don't think we're in Izayoi anymore...”- Stitch nodding with her answer, then pointing at a sign nearby in kanji. “Actually, we're in Kamakura”, Stitch said, as Yuna looked at the sign's top half that stated the name in kanji and gave a loud yet uncontrollable yell. “WHAT!? WE'RE WHERE, STITCH!?”

They say a misunderstanding could take one to places they've never been, especially one with family, but this was a new example of that. Is it true that Yuna and Stitch ended up in Kamakura? If so, then how couldn't Yuna's Good Deed Memory detect it? And was this the result of that teleporter's mishap?

Stitch Triverse - BOOK 1, Chapter 2
This was a long time coming and four months after the story's start, here we go with Chapter 2 of BOOK 1, "Stitch Triverse". Now, I'm looking to try and reset up my schedule of a new chapter every 2-3 weeks, but if not, expect new chapters when they come.

With this chapter, we see our main heroes of the tale Yuna and Stitch enter into the mix. I can't say much else as to let you guys read on, but now our plot's going somewhere. Expect some big stuff coming now in later chapters.

Otherwise, you guys enjoy the chapter and I'll catch you guys on the wave later. Next chapter's Chapter 3, BOOK 1, hopefully out sooner than the wait for this one. Haisai!



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