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This is my gallery, right here. Here, you'll find several pics, be it posters or cross pictures and bold stories based off of several big Disney names! I'll always be busy at more, so take a look if ya wanna! Enjoy what you see... and/or read!

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These are my faves right here; an assortment of either comedic, powerful or even just plain fun pictures or stories made by my friends or made by grand artists! Enjoy them if you wanna as well!


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So, I've some small updates, guys!

Chapter 2, BOOK 1 of "Stitch Triverse" is done and dropping this Friday. And we should be back on schedule from hereon in, four months later... oy. Blame summer and hard work. Nonetheless, I hope people are excited for the new chapter. And more to come, hopefully!

Also, I've started on the book covers for BOOK 1 plus an unannounced side project for "Stitch Triverse". Extra backgrounds and VFX already started, but I'd love to turn this into a collaboration with the characters and the remaining backgrounds of both covers, BOOK 1 and unannounced project taken in mind. If any interested, please do contact me via note or comment because for now, they'll be sitting around.

No "TUNE" this update either, but revel in the new Triverse news, friends. Haisai!
Okay, short update after a rough day of work. No "TUNE" today, but something to talk about. Today, fresh from NYCC, the new "Tomorrowland" teaser came out. And it looks... wowing. Like a love note to the Disney Parks' theme park and a brand new concept. A marrying mayhaps. Brad Bird, this is what you've been working on for the last year or so? ...Yeah, May 2015 cannot come quick enough, this is like... the best medicine to a low day. Haisai!

Stitch Commissions, Story Art, Requests, Etc
73 deviations
Too much "Super Smash Bros. for 3DS" makes me something something... yes, I have the game, yes, it is amazing yet addictive and no, I have not put it down since Friday. Note me if you want my FC for some duels... fair warning, I'm a force to be reckoned with at Smash. But I figure I can give a small update for y'all here!

First off, I got a good two and a half pages done of BOOK 1, Chapter 2 of "Stitch Triverse". Yes, it is LONG, LONG overdue and will be out in the coming weeks, I'm making sure of it. Motivation's just been on a here and there point. However, on another note, I've recently acquired a sketchbook... a sketchbook that I wish to turn into a small artbook for my Triverse concepts (heck, I even wanna etch the Triverse logo and designs onto it, that's how dedicated I'd like). Whether or not you'll see the coming sketches lying within... well, we'll see!

Another thing: I've recently acquired a Pixiv account. Now, Pixiv is like Japan's equivalent to deviantART. Recently, I've uploaded a good few pictures up. There isn't that much new up there compared to what's already up on my deviantART (aside the fact that Stitch-zilla PS mock-up I made for the 2014 "Godzilla" is my most popular work... huh), but if you want a look, link will be below. Be forewarned though, remember those wardrobe sheets I made for Yai, Yuna and Kyo for Triverse? I put up FULL versions of them, so there may be some spoilers ahead. Anyways, if'n you won't mind spoils for the "Stitch Triverse" story ahead, peep my Pixiv here:…

Okay, next... I've been in a Fujiko Fujio headphase recently. Yes. This means I've been watching a lot of "Doraemon". In addition, there's also "Chinpui" and "Esper Mami". Pretty much since Disney XD's little dub of "Doraemon" came out, I've brushed up on the Fujiko Fujio name. As someone with a firm liking of Japanese animation, I had it coming. Call it one of many side fandoms I'm in now... and there's a long list of those already!

One last thing before I choose a song to end this update off... CHECK. THIS. OUT:
Commission: Two Worlds by chelleface90
So, I made a apt commission with chelleface90 and this beauty of a project based on "Stitch Triverse" lore and Triverse characters Yuna, Stitch, Kyohaku Stitch and Yaiko came out. Give it a look-see if you wanna, 'cuz... the detail and everything about it is so gracefully done! Thanks again SO much, this was... ooooh, so good!

To end this little update off... have another "TUNE". Last time I posted up a mash-up of Sigur Ros. Now here's an actual song by the band Sigur Ros, from their latest album from yesteryear Kveikur. Helps that I've gotten into them as of late, them and their downright dream-like music. Anyways, song's called "Ísjaki", translated out literally to "Iceberg". If you know the singer Jónsi from the "How to Train Your Dragon" soundtracks, yes. This is his band. Enjoy and... yeah, I'll be using this update space a little more than my journals now that the new layout's out. Haisai!

Huh. So, deviantART now has Status Updates. Guess this means you'll be hearing from me more often... since it's been how long since I typed a journal.

"Stitch Triverse" work shall resume in the coming while, I've been busy with a few collabs and background things, as well as work. Hard to juggle things, but hey... in due time. I've wanted to work on Chapter 2 of BOOK 1 as well as get a start on BOOK covers. To those attached, discussing ideas for those may be soon, and for those interested: contact or note me on the subject of BOOK covers.

Until I post up a new journal... sometime (these status updates will be more potent if I can't), here, have a "TUNE", by chill artist and part of rising group ODESZA, Catacombkid. Song in question is a mash of legendary Nordic band Sigur Ros versus the American dreamers The Beach Boys. Aptly, the song is literally just titled "Sigur Ros vs The Beach Boys". Enjoy and I'll be sure to use this update space a 'lil more often... Haisai!

Dil // Haisai-DBarenzu:iconhaisai-dbarenzu:

Journal History

HOWDY! TheDARKOFNIGHT-D HERE AFTER... wow. two months. What the heck happened with the time, huh?

...Well, someone lost track of his summer time. That's what I'm gonna say. Between hang-outs, a HUGE amount of work, time with the lovely Anime-jazumin and a bit of other deeds, I've been in and out of deviantART's domain. However, that doesn't mean I haven't been busy at some new stuff! No worries, sweetums: I got plans! Anyways, I've left this journal blank for too long. Haisai, let's go, shall we?


So, summer. Yeah, it's awesome and my favorite season ever, but it's also been a pretty bustling patch of busy too. With work being killer and a lot of friendly gatherings, it hasn't exactly left me much of the free time, if you get my saying. However, that doesn't mean I haven't been enjoying it! Plus, let's be honest, it's been a good two months. Stuff like Anime-jazumin's graduation passed by as beautifully and as quickly. While I plan on job jumping soon, I'm gonna try to hold out the rest of this summer as best I can. And as positively too!

In addition to this happening, the usual Vaughan area trip we take happened... yet again this year! But while I didn't get as big a turn out this year (a few anime and TV show DVDs, including Season 1 and 2 of "ReBoot", I was searching for a Stitch TsumTsum and a Rocket Raccoon plush to no avail though), there was something to remember. I seem to have a habit of meeting people during this Vaughan trip. 2012 had justsomenut626 met. And now this year, I actually met with that of Disneyhead ZoraCatone. The meeting went REALLY well and while it only lasted a good two hours, it was great stuff. There's even a few pics of the occasion up on my Instagram, if interested. I guess it's safe to say this annual trip's like a lucky charm!

Now, on another note: in the course of two months, I went and caught two films in that time, both with Anime-jazumin. The first is a fairly obvious one, as we both are fans of Chris Sanders, "How to Train Your Dragon 2" (despite that it was all Dean DuBois' film though). In essence, I'd call it one of the greatest and heartfelt sequels to an animated film that I've seen in my time. The original was a masterpiece and this sequel takes it to the next level, with impressive animation, a beautiful score and message and one of the saddest twists out there. Seriously, if you are going to see Dragon 2, take a tissue box. You'll need it. All in all, if you loved the first Dragon or even follow "Dragons: Riders of Berk" (not required to see the sequel, BTW), then this is for you. 

The other film is not too obvious, but still hotly anticipated. MARVEL's latest MCU entry and film, "Guardians of the Galaxy". This film, guys. Oh my god. This film. As one of MARVEL's lesser franchises, nobody knew what to expect, but in my honest eyes, director James Gunn has managed to take this series and turn it into an incredible sci-fi adventure, along the same likes as "Star Wars", all while ties to the MCU lie. The characters are especially what carry things forward, as they rebound off one another so well- so much so that by the end, it's THAT much more redeeming to see the team unite. Comedy is also incredibly executed: if you see this film, you ARE gonna bust a gut laughing and you WILL like it. Back to the cast, I'd say my favorites are Star Lord and Rocket Raccoon (moreso Rocket though, 'cuz... what's a raccoon), for a LOT of different reasons found in the film, so much so that they've taken near or right to the top of my MARVEL favorites with enough research. And as for the visuals? As always in a MARVEL Studios feature, they're fantastic: all the galactic locations are at peak visual condition. And as for the music, it's a treat: both in score and in 70s/80s tunes, presented via a nice device in film. Possibly the only negatives I have lie with the MARVEL tradition of the after-credits scene. I won't say anything on it, as you need to see it for yourself with the film, but the scene will either be a hit or a miss with most MARVEL aficionados (honest truth, I died laughing at the scene... just 'cuz of *redacted name so nobody will know who D is talking about*). I'd say if you're a sci-fi junkie or a MARVEL geek or even just a casual moviegoer, this film goes up all those creeks in a great way. Thanks James Gunn, that... was amazing.

On the subject of MARVEL with a side of Disney, "Disney Infinity 2.0: MARVEL Super Heroes". I know within the vicinity of two months, a LOT has happened: Stitch (EEEEEEE-- #626Pride went off) and Tinker Bell confirmed, a Wal-Mart leak confirming Donald Duck and a set of "Big Hero 6" characters, characters from "Guardians of the Galaxy", heck: even Loki, Green Goblin (from "Ultimate Spider-Man"... eh, I don't mind) and Ronan are set to join. But mayhaps the bigger news was the confirming of the September 23rd drop date during Comic-Con. Yes. The next Infinity chapter will start next month. Crazy, huh? And even crazier is that Vignocchi and his staff still say they've got more coming. Captain EO? Deadpool? Tron? The list is growing here. In addition, Sony system owners will hit it lucky with a Limited Edition coming out for the PS3 and PS4 at launch too. How lucky? Well, how does all SIX of The Avengers and a light-up Frost Giant stand (with a slot for Loki when he releases) sound in addition to your Starter Kit goods? All for the price of $179.99... Sorry, what? Yes, THAT expensive. I'm skipping on it myself to scout other figures (to which I'm planning on at least four out of each of the hero series at the start: 4 Avengers, 4 Guardians, 4 Spidey) with my pre-order, but to those who do, enjoy your early Hulk for a month. So yeah... Are you IN again? 'Cuz we got a month to go...

Leading into months, there's only two months to go for the new 3DS "Super Smash Bros." to drop in October, with the WiiU one following in a hopeful November fresh from a big Comic-Con 3DS Smash tournament... yes, if you know me well enough, you will know how BIG a deal a new Smash is. So that's why I've been doing a thing called #Sakuraithon on and off of my friend KingPengvien's gaming channel WurpleChicken, marathoning five of director Masahiro Sakurai's games through 'til the release of the game. So far, one's complete, that being "Super Smash Bros." for the N64 and four to go ("Super Smash Bros. Melee" (almost done... like a few characters left in All-Star Mode to do), "Kirby Air Ride", "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" and "Kid Icarus: Uprising"). And yet only... two months to do it all in. I may have to skip doing EVERY bit of the checklists, but my hope is to get all the MAJOR unlockables and things (i.e: characters, stages and modes) done in each game. If I can do that, than #Sakuraithon is a success. I also have two months to get items for a Mario cosplay I'm doing for both the 3DS and WiiU Smash launches this fall... yes I'm going all out. Yes, I don't care what the neighbors think. Yes, I'm making a big deal over something of a video game... And yes, it shall be done.

While at Comic-Con though, there's a few things unveiled that I'd like to go over. The first is Disney's unveiling of a "The Haunted Mansion" TV special that is going to air this fall on Disney XD and Disney Channel. The thing that makes this unique is that this special is going to be overtaken by grim book illustrator Gris Grimly, who is known for his incredibly eerie yet whimsical takes on fairy tales. Maybe this'll more than compensate for the Guillermo del Toro film we never got? And the Eddie Murphy fi-- alright, I won't go that far... that was enjoyable. In addition, remember how last year had a Toy Story special in the form of "Toy Story of Terror!"? Well, this year, prepare to go through that again but... around the holidays: with a dinosaur-themed action figure extravaganza called "Toy Story That Time Forgot". The special sets itself on a sorta... dinosaur warrior concept and not much else was unveiled but some fantastic concept artwork, but do look for it as it comes out in December on ABC, like Terror! did. On that subject of ABC though, while things were getting out on the new "Resurrection" season and the cold new "Once Upon A Time" season, there was one series that caught my eye. Apparently, ABC is making a musical fairy tale comedy being directed by none other than Alan Menken known as "Galavant". The series is set to come out in September, but with a name like Menken... isn't that ENOUGH incentive to watch? Laaaaaaa-- a-- ahem. Lastly, at Comic-Con, one more reveal happened: with Disney scoping out three pilots that could become a Disney Channel or Disney XD show in the future. Among these was a pilot by the character designer of "Bravest Warriors" and that of... Jhonen Vasquez. Yes, "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" and "Invader ZIM" Jhonen Vasquez. The pilot was called "Very Important House", plot focusing on a girl that finds a house that just so happens to control time and space around it. Best part about it is that this pilot was ACTUALLY PICKED UP by Disney XD... meaning that Vasquez has another Disney deed coming up, not just designing characters for "Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja". Excellent, excellent... And on the MARVEL spectrum, not only did we get a Ultron-ton of posters for "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" and "Ant-Man", a 2 year old test of a potential "Deadpool" film leaked out too. Be warned going in, there will be a lot of language and blood, but it is... literally awesome to see a faithful adaption of the Merc with the Mouth get this kinda hint... now if only Fox could get to doing the film-pool already. Haha! 

Now, a last thing before I move on. Just last month, Disney XD premiered the dub of a show that has remained quite new to me. Blue gadget cat Doraemon has always been a big part of Japanese culture, but July saw us getting a dub of 2005's very own "Doraemon" anime for us North American audiences. We're nearing the end of its initial 26 episode run in the US, but the dub is actually really well done. Mona Marshall plays a uproarious Doraemon and one of my favorite VAs, Johnny Yong Bosch, plays other lead Nobita. I'm behind in a lot of episodes, but I'll be honest, I enjoy it. See, if I had a choice between "Doraemon" and "Stitch! ~Zutto Saiko no Tomodachi~", as they're both Shin-Ei productions, I would gladly choose Dorae knowing how much I really detest the latter (YOU followers and friends oughta know by now how much I hate Zutto) and my stance on the original "Stitch!" (aka, LOVING the original) well. But yeah, "Doraemon" dub. Really good, do watch sometime... eeeyeah.

So, yeah, after THAT buncha news for your plate, I got some art and story 'splaining to do. Here goes!


So, June 20th saw a few things: the start of a Stitch-stravaganza with the 12th Anniversary of the "Lilo & Stitch" franchise, the start of Experiment Week (which I caught for a few days, but work had me miss a chunk of it, sadly) and the start of my "Stitch Triverse" story, with Chapter 1 of BOOK 1 unleashed. I'm hoping everyone's been enjoying it so far, but I'm sure you have a big question on your head... where's Chapter 2, D? Or Chapter 3? It's been longer than 2 to 3 weeks? GIMME MAH STITCH ST-- ...allow me to explain. Obviously you guys know I have the entirety of our faithful Triverse BOOK 1 outlined. But realize I've been busy all summer with all sorts of deeds: work especially. Now, I know people really want Chapter 2 soon and bear with me, I'm planning on it. But it'll take a little longer, maybe until fall. As soon as Chapter 2 comes out, the 2-3 week schedule system WILL come back into effect and you'll get your steady stream of "Stitch Triverse" portions. Just wait it out, is all I'm asking of you all, thanks.

However, even while the real world has been pushing me out of writing, I HAVE been doing some more universe building. I've come up and updated the coming Triverse Lexicon with quite a few more characters for the Auros Galaxy (including one envisioned by listening to Weird Al Yankovic songs, believe it or not) that I'm plotting on for a side story centering on Astral Jumper Yai Galaxia... or who knows what she'll be by the end of BOOK 1 but me and a select few others (as well as a few deviations of mine, for a fellow spoiler alert), but still: centered on Yai. I'm planning on it either between BOOK 1 or BOOK 2 and it'll be only at least a smaller amount of Chapters than with a traditional Triverse book (which means the entirety of "Stitch Triverse" if this happens would be bumped to 3 BOOKS, 1 side story inbetween). But again, it's just ideas at the moment. Let me know if you'd want a Galaxia-themed side story when I get back to the grind, BTW!

In addition, I've also gotten a few things upcoming art-wise. First off is a collaboration of interesting proportions between me and Taismo illustrator plus friend of mine Iyzeekiil, a Stitch collab at that. That in itself'll be soon, as soon as I can sit down and work on colouring it.

Second, as announced through the @The626Triverse Twitter, me and my good friend HappyAggro are to be working on the BOOK covers for the "Stitch Triverse" story. The options are still open for others to help in these covers if you so want, I'd be happy to make it a group project, but for the moment, it's just me and Clivey inbetween her runs as ArcturusRocks leader... BTW, if you haven't looked at her comic yet, do so! And at the same time, she's doing commissions... really affordable commissions at that! If you're interested, check out her gallery to see how her art's like and this little thumbnail to check out her commish prices and her flexibility of her work:

Commissions OPEN! - Five slots available! by HappyAggro

And third: I decided to be generous and share some of the "Stitch Triverse" creative process with you. The humans have gotta have clothes to wear, right? Well, I'm gonna be sharing with you guys THREE wardrobe sheets adjacent to the three human mains- Yuna, Kyo and Yai. Now, there WILL be a few costumes shaded out (creatively with a Galactic Fed test screen of sorts) until later in the story because spoilers, but for the most part, a range of a good selection to all costumes will be present with each character and all will be used in the Triverse in some way or another. The vectors I'm using for these as well are what I use as avatars, so... think of this as a heartfelt share from me to you! They'll be uploaded sometime within the week and I hope you folks enjoy 'em!

Pah... phew... there, I figure I got a bit coming to tide over until Chapter 2 of Triverse drops, but for now, there ya go. Now, let's jump to the "TUNE" this week!


So, this week on the "TUNE", I decided to dig up an oldie but a goodie. Let's not waste any time!

Michael Jackson is a name that everyone should know of. Whether in his old days or even now quite some time after his death, he delivered a natural talent of incredible singing and dancing, while at the same time making some of the most popular songs in the world to this day and he's even been rumored to have helped out in the music for old SEGA video game "Sonic the Hedgehog 3". Before his solo career took off though, he was part of a group called The Jacksons, and in the peak of their success came a legendary song from their album Destiny, this being today's "TUNE" known under one lyric. Don't blame it on the sunshine, don't blame it on the moonlight, don't blame it on the good times... "Blame It On The Boogie". A song crafted in the hopes to be sold to Stevie Wonder, it took off when the Jacksons poured their talents into it and had people toe tapping for eons and upon hearing, you KNOW you will too... Natural talent, man! Natural talent! Take a listen and get lost in boogie wonderland: 


So, yeah! There we go... finally a journal in the palm of your hand from me. Long time, huh? Well, I'll try not to leave you hanging again like that, but given how busy summer's been, if it happens again... well, you'll know! Hope y'all are doing great and I'll speak 'atcha next journal! Peace and Ichariba Ohana!

Dil // TheDarkOfNight-D:iconthedarkofnight-d:



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You're very welcome! Enjoy the font! :)
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I've been tagged by a friend, so I obliged. Afterwards, I tagged you.
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Thank you for the fave!
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You're very welcome! :)
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